Kolby Lohr proudly led his 1,405 lbs. red ribbon winning steer around the arena as the bids climbed during the annual 4-H Livestock Auction held in the Seewald Barn.  

The results from the Four County Marias Fair are in and Toole County 4-Hers had another fantastic and successful fair season. Here are the results:


Preslee Flesch, showmanship, first place; showmanship, Dylan Clark, second place; Cami Blevins, showmanship, second place; Zachary Kinyon, showmanship, third place; Preslee Flesch, Grand; Dylan Clark, Market Hog, Reserve.


Delaney Clark, showmanship, first place, Market Beef, Grand, Market Beef, $50 savings bond, Top 100 percent Hereford Beef, Certified Hereford Beef, Fed Beef Grand, $50 savings bond, Breeding Animal, Reserve, Cow, any breed, two years with calf, Top; Zachary Kinyon, Dairy Showmanship, first, Dairy Showmanship, Grand, Dairy Animal, Grand. 


Dylan Clark, showmanship, third, Market Lamb, Reserve; Delaney Clark, showmanship, first, showmanship, Grand.


Jadis Scarborough, Western Showmanship, third, Western Horsemanship, Grand; Zachary Kinyon, Western Showmanship, Grand, Western Showmanship, Reserve, Western Pleasure, third place, Western Horsemanship, Grand.


Landan Omdahl, showmanship, first.


Landan Omdahl, Cock or Cockrel, Grand, showmanship, first, showmanship, Reserve; Cael Blevins, showmanship, second; Wyatt Rogers, showmanship, third.

Small Animals

Justice Byers, Dog Project, High Point, $10.


Brittany Hanson, swine herdsmanship, Top.

Livestock Judging

Dylan Clark, Colter Sandon and Justice Byers, livestock judging team, third; Dylan Clark, livestock judging individual, second; Delaney Clark, livestock judging individual, first, livestock judging individual, Grand, $50.



Cael Blevins, Demo/ Illustrated Talk, rosette, Overall first place, trophy and $50; Cami Blevins and Breauna Erickson, Demo/Illustrated Talk, rosette; Dylan Clark, Demo/Illustrated, rosette; Delaney Clark, Demo/ Illustrated Talk, rosette, Overall second, $25; Lucas Fretheim, Demo/Illustrated Talk, rosette; Jadis Scarborough, Cowboy Poetry, first, Prepared/Impromptu Speech/ Cowboy Poetry, Overall first, trophy, $50; Brittany Hanson, Overall second.


Zachary Kinyon, swine carcass, fourth, $25; Landan Omdahl, goat carcass, fourth, $25.

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