Over the past two weeks we’ve received emails, phone calls and social media comments about the combined format of the four newspapers.

The response has been positive, with many folks pointing out they like reading about what’s going on in the other communities. 

The following readers have given us permission to share their comments.

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Thank you for a much needed source of news, especially in these trying times. If I had to listen to NPR or CNN, I would think the sky was about to fall. 

I will continue to support the local paper and I hope everyone will also.

Our local papers provide us with everything that the Internet and Great Falls Tribune do not, news about our community.

I really enjoyed the combined edition, hearing about news and events in neighboring towns is something I would like to see continue. Maybe a little feature from Browning, Valier and Shelby, and any upcoming events for each.

It is nice to learn about your neighboring communities. All of our little towns can and should support each other.

Mike Cooper

Cut Bank, MT

I really like the new format! It makes it feel like we’re all in this together and we’re not four separate communities.

Donnie Gallagher

Cut Bank, MT

  Wonderful news! Instead of complaining about the sluggish economy, you have found a way to not only stay in business, but also make a more interesting newspaper for every one. We have always enjoyed the Cut Bank Pioneer Press and Glacier Reporter, now we can keep up with our neighbors in Shelby and Valier. 

Keep up the good work!  

Brian and Ann Elliott

Browning, MT

I finally had time to read the paper and I LOVE IT!! 

All the community news…the unity was felt. 

Great job!!

Mandi Kennerly

Cut Bank, MT

Kudos to you for putting your thinking caps on and coming up with the multi-community model. I loved reading the news and commentary from the other communities. As far as I’m concerned you can continue this format indefinitely. Good luck, we need your news and journalism.

Pat Moore 

Shelby, MT

I love what you have done with the newspaper. I like the idea of all the papers combined, it’s nice to see the articles from the other papers. You are a valuable part of our communities and I for one appreciate all the work you do. Thank You!

Kurt Christiaens

Valier, MT

I really like the newspaper coverage this week! Having to combine the papers is a good idea especially during these difficult times. I usually have to go online to check out what is happening in the surrounding communities but this week you did it for me and I can have it in my hot little hands. 

Keep up the good work and stay safe out there.

Linda Luther

Cut Bank, MT

I really like reading about the other communities, especially the poem about the Blackfeet Reservation.


Shelby, MT

I love it and hope it continues like this after this is all over. I love seeing all the other community news. It binds us all together.

Roberta Kipp

Browning, MT

Just a note to let you know we appreciate all you do for us and the surrounding communities! Stay strong and safe!!!

Guy and Robin Bradley

Cut Bank, MT

I personally think you should do the paper like this all the time. I like being able to read all the news!

Trina Jo Bradley

Valier, MT

It is an interesting idea to combine news from the towns, especially since many of us know people from the area. I like seeing news about people in other towns who were my patients. 

We enjoyed reading it!

Jan and Mark Haemig

Cut Bank, MT

Are you going to keep the papers as one? I enjoyed it!

Myrna Monroe

Valier, MT

I have to say I loved the newspaper this week!! I think you are on to something! Think you should continue!! Thank you!

Louise Aegerter

Shelby, MT

My husband and I have had the Glacier Reporter mailed to us for 20 years. The new version is far superior and I am enjoying reading every page. It’s much more informative and has great graphics. 

Thanks–keep it up!


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