The Water Otters had 27 swimmers compete at the swim meet held in Choteau last weekend but only a handful were still around to accept the team’s third place trophy at the end of the meet come Sunday afternoon. Pictured, from back left, are Lily Fitzpatrick, Randon Richman, Carter Enneberg and Brecken Jaeger; middle row, Kallen Fitzpatrick, Addie Richman and Brooks Jaeger; front row, Caige Enneberg, Rowen Russell, Gage Underdal and Marshall Richman.

Last weekend the Water Otters Traveled to Choteau to continue the season. We had 27 swimmers compete to earn us the third place trophy overall, and three swimmers who earned high point in their age groups: Addison Richman (Girls 9-10), Lily Fitzpatrick (Girls 11-12) and Carter Enneberg (Boys 11-12). Richman not only received high point in her age group, but also broke the Shelby pool record in the girls 9-10 freestyle event with a time of 1:22.69.

This week we travel to Columbia Falls to add another trophy to our collection. I would like to give a huge shoutout to Doug and Tracy Richman for coaching the team this weekend and helping the swimmers improve their times both days, thank you guys! Below are the results from the weekend:

Boys  08&U 100 IM

First, Marshall Richman, 2:46.51. 

Boys  09-10 100 IM

 Fourth, Silas Young, 2:22.26. 

Girls  09-10 100 IM

Second, Addison Richman, 1:44.95. 

Boys  11-12 200 IM

 DQ, Kael Young, 4:14.76. 

Girls  11-12 200 IM

 First, Lily Fitzpatrick,  3:19.01. 

Boys  13-14 200 IM

 Randon Richman, X 3:17.41. 

Boys  08&U 25 Free

 First, Logan Combs, 18.51; fourth, Marshall Richman, 22.07; sixth, Paxton Flesch, 23.99; 12th, Brooks Jaeger, 28.67. 

Girls  08&U 25 Free

Third, Rowen Russell, 20.98; ninth, Kaley Sandon, 33.29. 

Boys  09-10 50 Free

 Third, Kallen Fitzpatrick, 41.60; sixth, Brecken Jaeger,  48.19. 

Girls  09-10 50 Free

 First, Addison Richman, 36.51; third, Hadley Clary,  40.88; ninth, Preslee Flesch,  46.20. 

Boys  11-12 50 Free

 First, Carter Enneberg, 34.81. 

Girls  11-12 50 Free

 Third, Reese Lee, 36.42. 

Boys  13-14 50 Free

 Third, Trenton Emerson, 29.21; fourth, Bryce Lee, 31.10; fifth, Randon Richman, 31.64. 

Boys  08&U 25 Breast

 Second, Logan Combs,  5:00.00. 

Boys  09-10 50 Breast

 Fifth, Brecken Jaeger, 1:12.09; sixth, Kallen Fitzpatrick, 5:00.00. 

Girls  09-10 50 Breast

 First, Preslee Flesch, 53.41. 

Boys  11-12 50 Breast

 Second, Carter Enneberg,  50.43. 

Girls  11-12 50 Breast

 First, Lily Fitzpatrick,  44.54. 

Boys  13-14 100 Breast

 Second, Randon Richman, 1:39.03. 

Boys  08&U 50 Free

 First, Logan Combs, 41.71; tenth, Gage Underdal, 1:06.19. 

Girls  08&U 50 Free

Fourth, Rowen Russell, 55.08; sixth, Kaley Sandon, 1:17.53. 

Boys  09-10 100 Free

Third, Kallen Fitzpatrick, 1:37.86; fourth, Brecken Jaeger, 1:46.28. 

Girls  09-10 100 Free

First, Addison Richman,1:22.69; fifth, Hadley Clary, 1:36.91. 

Boys  13-14 100 Free

Second, Trenton Emerson,1:07.56; sixth, Bryce Lee, 1:15.54. 

Boys  08&U 25 Back

 Third, Marshall Richman, 26.57; seventh, Paxton Flesch, 30.26; 10th, Brooks Jaeger, 37.58. 

Girls  08&U 25 Back

Eighth, Kaley Sandon, 37.22. 

Boys  09-10 50 Back

 Ninth, Colter Sandon, 1:21.98. 

Girls  09-10 50 Back

 Third, Hadley Clary, 51.66; seventh, Preslee Flesch,1:01.39. 

Boys  13-14 100 Back

Fourth, Bryce Lee, 1:36.42. 

Boys  11-12 50 Fly

First, Carter Enneberg, 41.98. 

Girls  11-12 50 Fly

First, Reese Lee, 38.01. 

Boys  13-14 50 Fly

First, Trenton Emerson, 33.39; third, Randon Richman, 36.03. 

Girls  11-12 200 Free

First, Lily Fitzpatrick, 2:51.95. 

Boys  13-14 100 Fly

Trenton Emerson, X 1:28.27.

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