Tom Root has been dedicated to raising funds for an all-weather track for years, raising over $150,000 so far! His latest achievement, receiving a $10,000 donation from BNSF, brings him even closer to what is needed to finish the project. Root appreciates all who have helped to date.

Resurfacing the Shelby track has been a long-time goal and dream of Tom Root, one that keeps getting closer and closer to completion, one donation at a time. To date, Root has raised an amazing $170,000 for this project! 

“It cost $120,000 to pave it,” said Root. “$80,000 of that came from the track fund and $40,000 was taken care of by Brian Midboe and Bay Materials.”

Root, along with fellow Coyote alum, Bernie Krystkowiak, recently partnered up to gather yet another donation, a rather sizeable one at that, from Burlington Northern. Thanks to the dedication and skills of these two forever Coyotes, the Shelby Track Fund received a $10,000 donation!

“We are now up to $87,000,” said Root. “This makes me just a little over $40,000 shy of my goal. We are getting closer!”

As with anything, there have been naysayers since Root started the project. But many Bear River Boogies and fundraising efforts later, the dream is about to become reality.

“I still have an ace up my sleeve that might just take care of the rest of it,” smiled Root. “There’s been naysayers the entire time, but it’s happening. We will have a track, one that all student athletes, and not just in Shelby, but from all around the area, will benefit from.”

Donations to the track fund are greatly appreciated and accepted at any time. If you are interested in helping with the cause contact Tom Root at (406) 424-8585.

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