Shelby science teacher, Lauri Tokerud, gratefully accepted a $6,000 grant check from Alan Frohberg, a member of the Montana Masonic organization from Great Falls, last Wednesday afternoon in the SHS auditorium.

Science class at Shelby High School just got a bit more exciting with the addition of a drone package purchased thanks to a  $6,000 grant from the Montana Masonic Foundation’s Educational Grant program. Science teacher, Lauri Tokerud, had wanted to incorporate drones into her Physics class for some time now and thanks to the grant funding, it’s happening!

“I really have wanted to incorporate drones into my Physics class,” said Tokerud. “So I wrote my grant for a drone package, which included drones, all the education that goes with FAA rules and regulations, flight simulations, programs for building the drones and support help. It is a drone company out of Idaho.”

Only two schools in Montana received the grant funding, Shelby and Augusta. 

“This is so exciting,” said Physics student Tucker Tustian. “It’s like getting a new toy at Christmas! I just want to fly it!”

The students haven’t jumped right into flying the drones, instead they have been busy going through all the prep work behind the drones. Now it’s been taken care of and the real fun begins.

Masonic members Terry Coons, Chris Keck, Bill Hunt, Jim Jordan and Alan Frohberg were in attendance to check out the new equipment and Frohberg, who is from Great Falls, presented the grant check to Tokerud during a short school assembly.

“The Montana Masonic Foundation’s Educational Grant program provides money for under-funded programs in music, drama, science and library,” said Frohberg. “For needs that are not typically addressed in district general budgets, or areas of student enhancement or learning that have suffered cutbacks or are experiencing start-up concerns.”

The grants are made possible by the Montana Masonic Foundation, Inc., which is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, charitable organization. Part of the organization’s purpose is to dispense charity, both public and private, and to encourage and promote free public education and schools through endowments, grants, scholarships and fellowships. 

Thanks to Tokerud’s dedication to providing educational opportunities to her students and the grant funding, Shelby science students are able to soar ahead in learning about drones and technology.

“We are so very grateful for this gift,” concluded Tokerud. “Thank you!”

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