Shelby Elementary third graders, along with Sunburst Elementary third and fourth graders, took a field trip on April 22 to the Kevin-Sunburst Legacy Oilfield to see firsthand what plugging an abandoned well entails. The Well Done Foundation plugged another well in celebration of Earth Day and its one-year anniversary.

It’s hard to believe, but it has already been one year since Curtis Shuck and the Well Done Foundation plugged their first orphan well in Montana. On Thursday, April 22, Earth Day, they celebrated the one-year anniversary with the plugging of yet another abandoned well and a reception at the Well Done Visitor Center in Shelby. Well Done, along with one of their partners, Pacific Steel & Recycling hosted the event.

The Well Done Foundation has received significant national media attention and has become one of Montana’s most high-profile conservation non-governmental organization in its mission to identify and plug orphaned oil and gas wells and restore the adjacent surface area to its original state. There are some 200 orphaned oil/gas wells in Northern Montana, each of which, left open, emits as much methane as 1,500 cars in a year.

Not only was the one-year milestone celebrated on April 22, but knowledge shared with younger generations as Shelby third graders and Sunburst third and fourth graders made the trip to the Kevin-Sunburst Legacy Oilfield for a site tour of fifth plugged orphan oil well, Anderson #1.

“These kids were true Earth Day 2021 heroes who braved the snow and wind to be a part of making a big difference,” Shuck commented.

With one year under their belt and counting, Well Done has plans to continue plugging orphaned wells throughout the area and the great state of Montana.

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