Master Gardeners Sue Smith, left, Lisa Hurley, Mike Spencer, Laurie Grimm, Sharon Dolen and Natalie Greynolds were found cleaning along 5th Street South around Mountain View Cemetery last week in celebration of Arbor Day.

Green is the most beautiful color of Highline lawns! As lawns start greening up, the Montana State University Extension (MSU Ext.) can help with some simple tips and advice, proper watering and fertilization. 

MSU Extension recommends established lawns receive one inch of water a week in the spring and fall. In late spring, increase to one and a half inches and in the summer up to two inches or more, per week. If possible, water lawns only in the early morning as temperature is rising. Water less often and for longer periods of time, this encourages healthier roots, more efficient water use and can prevent disease. 

Lawn fertilization: how often and how much? MSU Extension recommends three times a year and each time make sure the fertilizer application includes one pound of Nitrogen (N) per 1,000 square feet of lawn. Keep three holidays in mind for lawn fertilization: Memorial Day, the July 4 Independence Day and Columbus Day (October). 

Kentucky Blue Grass is the most common lawn in Montana. It handles the cold and traffic well, and is resistant to heat and drought. This grass is Kelly-green in color and has a moderately fine texture, an excellent species for Montana.

A healthy lawn beautifies a home and can pull together the trees, shrubs and other items into an eye-pleasing landscape. In town, and even on the farmstead, a lawn near the home helps limit blowing dirt and dust and can help keep temperatures cooler in the heat of summer. A vigorous lawn can be weed and pest-free and provide enjoyment several months of the year! It’s well worth a little regular maintenance.

For more information:

www.msuextension.org/publications/YardandGarden/MT199310AG.pdf . 

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