Artist Danny Iverson enjoys and appreciates the fact that he is able to work from his home in Missoula, allowing him a bit more freedom and the opportunity to market his own work on his online Etsy shop, Handmade Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Jewelry by Iverson Jewelry Design.

Art comes in many forms, everything from canvases to woodwork to jewelry and artist Danny Iverson was busy at this year’s Street Fair Art Walk visiting with those in attendance about his amazing handmade, sterling silver wire wrapped jewelry. Iverson, a 2005 Shelby High School graduate, has been interested in art his whole life and found his niche in 2011.

“When I was younger I enjoyed drawing and woodworking as mediums, I just liked making things with my hands,” said Iverson. “June 2011 I saw my first wire wrap and I was hooked! I bought some pliers and spools of craft wire and started twisting up crystals, fossils, agates, anything I could find at the local gem shops.”

Over the past eight years Iverson has honed his skills and continues to learn and add to his trade, taking up metalsmithing in December of 2017. He works from his home in Missoula, creating beautiful, unique quality pieces that he markets himself at various shows and through his Etsy shop online, Handmade Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Jewelry by Iverson Jewelry Design. 

“What I enjoy the most about my art career is the availability it gives me,” smiled Iverson. “I love working for myself from home and being able to market my own work. I really enjoy sharing my art, being able to travel and meet new people along the way when opportunities present themselves.”

Iverson’s passion is evident in his jewelry, each piece boasting creativity and attention to detail. The time spent varies from piece to piece, with some, like a simple ring, taking an hour, to more intricate projects, such as a complex pendant, taking over 50 hours. Whether it’s 60 minutes or 60 hours, Iverson truly enjoys what he does.

“I really enjoy wire art because it challenges me on a daily basis and the possibilities are endless,” said Iverson. “I’m inspired by geometric shapes and organic flowing linework. I’m inspired by the online community I participate in on Instagram. There are so many amazing artists and people to connect with.”

Iverson not only uses the Internet to connect with others online, but that, along with attending gem shows is where he finds most of the materials needed for his artwork. Iverson networks with local gem dealers and utilizes online markets to find exactly what he’s looking for. One might think finding gems and other pieces to incorporate into his jewelry would be the most challenging part of his career, but Iverson shared that is not the case.

“The most challenging part of my art career is staying inspired day after day, year after year,” said Iverson. “Sometimes the pressure of certain projects can zap my creativity levels and build blocked pathways. I tend to take a step back from time to time to let my batteries recharge a bit and I usually come back with even better ideas and more vigor.”

Iverson shows no signs of slowing up and his career continues to grow as new customers visit his website to shop and admire his many masterpieces. No two the same, finding the perfect piece of jewelry might take a bit of time as the selection is immense, but shoppers are sure to find what it is they are looking for and odds are, they will be back for more. 

Raised in Shelby, Iverson is one of many who has left home to pursue his dream but hasn’t forgotten where it is he came from, returning as a Street Fair artist not just this year, but in years past as well. If you missed seeing him Saturday be sure and check out what he has to offer on Etsy, Handmade Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Jewelry by IversonJewelryDesign. You won’t be disappointed!

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