This year’s Staff Awards and Recognition reception held on Tuesday, May 28, saw many Shelby teachers and staff members being honored for their dedication to Shelby students. Pictured are, from back left, Terri Jo Baney, Sharol O’Brien, Karen Watson, Ronald Gruber, Alyssa Edwards, Sandra Blosser and Kathy Cleverly; front row, Sara White, Sara Kincaid and Brittany Tomsheck. See story on page 6 of this week's issue.

Throughout the school year numerous assemblies are held to celebrate student accomplishments and to show support in their endeavors. On Tuesday, May 28, another awards ceremony took place to recognize and honor those who tend to be overlooked, the teachers and professional staff at Shelby Public Schools.

While not many from the community were present, the support shown by other teachers and school professionals was overwhelming, with many attending the reception to celebrate and congratulate those recognized. 

This year’s reception started off by recognizing Kathy Cleverly, a 32-year veteran teacher who retired last summer. Cleverly taught a variety of subjects and grade levels during her tenure at Shelby Schools with pride and compassion. Her dedication and contributions to her students and co-workers were praised by fellow teacher and friend, Eric Tokerud.

“Kathy is a true professional,” said Tokerud. “She was always ready to help, a student, another teacher, if you needed her, Kathy was there. Cheerleading practice, morning duty, lunch duty, after school, she was there. She put in a lot more hours than most realize. Her lesson plans were always done over the weekend, starting each week with a clean slate. Not many can say that.”

Tokerud concluded, “Kathy, I have the utmost respect for you. Your empathy, compassion and professionalism is unmatched.”

Superintendent Elliott Crump recognized others for their years of service in the school system. Receiving recognition for five years of service were Brittany Tomsheck, Thad White and Alyssa Edwards.

This year there wasn’t anyone at the 10-year mark, but there were quite a few celebrating 15 years with Shelby Public Schools, including Mike White, Ronald Gruber, Sara Kincaid, Terri Jo Baney and Sandra Blosser.

Twenty years of service awards went to Sharol O’Brien, Sara White and Karen Watson.

Shelby High School and Junior High secretary Dallas Stirling was honored for 25 years of service, Becky Hansell for 30 years and Lyle Kimmet for 35. 

Becky Hansell was awarded Classified Staff Member of the Year and Sara White received Teacher of the Year honors.

Those who educate and care for the community’s children, day in and day out, for nine months out of the year, are some of the most valuable people in our community. While the reception has come and gone, if you happen to see any of the great people mentioned above, or any school employee at all, be sure and take a minute to stop and thank them for all they do.  

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