In a close vote, City of Shelby voters voted “yes” to a new City of Shelby ordinance prohibiting the use of handheld devices while operating a motor vehicle within the City of Shelby, by a vote of 646-580. 

There were no contested Toole County races this year. Clerk of Court Debra Munson received 2,006 votes; Toole County Commissioner District 1 Terry Tomsheck, Republican, 1,850 votes.

Voter turnout for the General Election in Toole County was 82.18 percent with 2,145 out of 2,610 registered voters casting their ballots.

 “We had 90.4 percent voter turnout of active voters,” said Toole County Clerk and Recorder Treva Nelson. “Toole County has 2,372 active voters and 238 inactive.”

Local voters overwhelmingly supported Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence with 1,596 votes. Only 467 cast their vote for Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy “Spike” Cohen received 56 votes.

The following are the unofficial 2020 General Election results for Toole County:

•United States Senator, Steve Daines, Republican, 1,528; Steve Bullock, Democrat, 595.

•United States Representative, Matt Rosendale, Republican, 74 percent, 1,546; Kathleen Williams, Democrat, 26 percent, 551.

•Governor and Lt. Governor, Greg Gianforte and Kristen Juras, Republican, 1,546; Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner, 468; Lyman Bishop and John Nesper, 101.

•Secretary of State, Christi Jacobson, Republican, 1,600; Bryce Bennett, Democrat, 477.

•Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, Republican, 1,600; Ralph Graybill, Democrat, 505.

•State Auditor, Troy Downing, Republican, 1,529; Shane A. Morigeau, Democrat, 424; Roger Roots, Libertarian, 116.

•State Superintendent of Public Schools, Elsie Arntzen, Republican, 1,419; Melissa Romano, Democrat, 574; Kevin Leatherbarrow, Libertarian, 89.

•Supreme Court Justice #5, Laurie McKinnon, 1,222; Mike Black, 712.

•Should Judge Jim Shea of the Supreme Court of the State of Montana be retained for another term? Yes, 1,489; 22 percent voted no, 426.

•State Representative, Llew Jones, Republican, 1,890.

•Constitutional Amendment C-46, Yes 1,465; No 490.

•Constitutional Amendment C-47, Yes, 1,393; No, 562.

•Constitutional Initiative CI-118, 51 percent no, 1,041; 49 percent yes, 1,009.

•Legislative Referendum No. 130, Yes, 1,218; No, 820.

•Initiative No. 190, No, 1,127; Yes, 973.

For complete unofficial results of the General Election, log on to the Montana Secretary of State’s web site at: 


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