The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) would like to notify the public and seek comments on a proposal to maintain the asphalt surfacing on Highway 2 and Oilfield Avenue (I-15 Business Loop) within the city limits of Shelby.   

Proposed work on U.S. 2 includes removing the top layer of asphalt of the two eastbound driving lanes within the four-lane section of the Roosevelt Highway and replacing them with new asphalt. Then the entire length of U.S. 2, from the I-15 interchange at Exit 363 to east of the railroad crossing on Main Street, will be chip sealed. Oilfield Avenue is proposed to also have the top layer of asphalt removed and replaced with new asphalt for both lanes between Main Street and Sheridan Avenue. 

The BNSF bridge will also have the deck surfacing repaired along with the installation of new guardrail. Oilfield Avenue will then be chip sealed between Main Street and the I-15 interchange at Exit 364. The purpose of these projects is to improve the driving surface and extend the life of the existing asphalt. The project is scheduled for construction in summer of 2020.

Members of the public may submit written comments to the Montana Department of Transportation Great Falls office at PO Box 1359, Great Falls, MT  59403-1359, or online at www.mdt.mt.gov/mdt/comment_form.shtml. Please note that your comments are for projects with Control Numbers of 9394000 and 9396000.

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