The Oct. 7 meeting agenda for the City Council was relatively short with action being taken on a few items. 

One of the most discussed items, stops signs at the corner of Fifth Street South and Ninth Ave. South and at the corner of Sixth Ave. South and Fifth Street South, had Council members mulling over whether or not this would be the best option and money well spent.

“I’m personally against having stop signs at Fifth and Ninth,” said council member Bill Moritz. “They are being used as speed control and we have cops for that.”

“We are trying to find a happy medium,” said City Superintendent Luis Correa. “We need to do something about the speed up there. We have had a lot of calls on it.”

After discussing what options are available–stops signs, yield signs or additional police patrol–the Council decided to table the item until the next meeting on Oct. 23.

Another action item that was discussed and then tabled was the Third Street lateral portion of the storm drain project.

“We saw an issue on 12th Street and we wanted to extend the drain pipes up from Third to 12th,” said Mayor Gary McDermott. “The water is moving just fine. I think we can address this for less than the $600,000 it would cost to extend the drain system. I’m not so sure that would be money well spent.”

The Council decided to put things on hold in regards to Third Street and monitor the situation throughout the winter.

When it came to the wellfield bid award, action was taken with the Council going with KLJ’s recommendation of accepting Ed Boland Construction Company’s bid of $179,548.  

The Council also unanimously approved the Marias Livestock Association’s request to waive fees for their use of the Civic Center to host their annual Rib Tickler event.

All claims, reports and prior meeting’s minutes were accepted by the Council before approving to change the next meeting date from Oct. 21 to Oct. 23.

“I’ll be gone in Missoula for classes,” said McDermott. “I am the one asking for the change.”

During the meeting the Council reviewed the Source Water Protection Plan. McDermott reminded Council members that this is the emergency plan in case the wellfield becomes compromised.

“We review this every year,” said McDermott. “If something were to happen, what’s the course of action? Luis has the full plan at the City Shop for anyone else who wants to review it. This just gives us a better plan of attack.”

The City Council will meet again on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at City Hall, starting at 6:30 p.m. All City Council meetings are open to the public.

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