Spring is coming, Lent is underway and along with it the 50 plus years community Lenten Luncheon tradition. Throughout the season of Lent, churches throughout the community take turns providing a delicious soup lunch, along with messages of hope for those attending.

People from all walks of life and all around the area are invited to attend the luncheons, regardless of religious affiliation. The luncheons are non-denominational and offer all the opportunity to come together, enjoy a meal and to remember and reflect on the resurrection and meaning of the season.

“It’s been a great tradition for many years, but over the past few it has kind of dwindled,” said Judy Richman. “We are hoping to rejuvenate it and get more people attending again. The lunches are not just for members of the churches, they are open to everyone. The food is always great, salads, soup, buns and dessert. Even though it is Lent, we don’t eat too sparsely!”

The first lunch of the series will be hosted by St. William’s Catholic Church, tomorrow, Thursday, March 12. Lunch will be served downstairs in the Catholic School building.

The Community United Methodist Church will host the following Thursday, March 19. The First Baptist Church welcomes all to join them on Thursday, March 26, and the Lenten Luncheon series will wrap up on Thursday, April 2, at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. All will begin at noon and conclude at 1 p.m. Free-will offerings are accepted, but not required. 

“Sometimes there is a message of hope, other times there is music,” said Richman. “It is really just a nice, community thing that we would like to see pick back up in numbers.”

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