The City Council meeting held on Monday, Aug. 19, got underway with Mayor Gary McDermott opening the public hearings on the budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20 and the Special Assessments, which include FY 2019 Street Maintenance, FY 2019 Park Maintenance, the 2012 Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Project and FY 2019 Lighting Maintenance. No one was in attendance to voice any concerns or ask any questions during the public hearings and they were closed.

The Council unanimously passed the first readings of Resolutions 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998. These are the resolutions for assessing FY 2019 Street Maintenance (1995), FY 2019 Park Maintenance (1996), the 2012 Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk project (1997) and FY 2019 Lighting Maintenance (1998).

“We have to approve all of these once a year,” said City Attorney Bill Hunt. “It’s a formality really; we need these. They are all the same as last year, with the exception of Park Maintenance, which went up just a smidge from $.0129 to $.0131.”

The Council then discussed Resolution 2000 in regards to the manufacturing bond. 

“Essentially the City is trying to get an Allogel facility built here, the new company formed would be Gel-X,” said Hunt. “By passing this it shows that the City of Shelby is serious about sponsoring them; right now there is no financial commitment.”

Council member Joe Flesch advised that he had Googled the company and couldn’t find anything on it.

“I found that strange,” he said.

“Jade got information, but had to sign confidentiality statements,” said Mayor McDermott. “He has also had a lot of conversations with Great Falls Development Corporation in regards to this company and its patent. The City would just sponsor, not be an underwriter and not responsible, Great Falls will be looking for an underwriter.”

McDermott reiterated the resolution was needed to show Great Falls Development Corporation the City is serious about sponsoring so if they find an underwriter the process can move forward.

“This resolution basically just says, ‘yes, we’re interested’?” asked Flesch. 

“So bottom line, in two years if they go belly up we’re not responsible, right?” Councilman Trent Tustian inquired.

“Yes, that is correct,” replied McDermott.

The company patents latex gloves and would be building and working out of the Industrial Park. After a bit more discussion the Council unanimously approved the resolution.

The Council unanimously passed Resolution 2002–Water, Sewer, Garbage Liens. 

“Every year Jade (Goroski) picks out the past due accounts,” explained McDermott. “These people owe the City money and this will allow the City to put a lien on the property of those who do not pay.”

The Council also approved a request in the amount of $103,350 for the 12th Street paving project, which covers paving all the way out to the power station.

Undersheriff Ryan Larson was in attendance at the meeting and introduced two new deputies, Josh Uylaki and Andrew Luft, to the Council. He advised that with the addition of Uylaki and Luft the TCSO deputy roster is now full. 

There was a request listed on the agenda for an appearance request by Dennis Knickerbocker, on a non-agenda item, but Knickerbocker was not in attendance of the meeting.

The next City Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 3, due to the Labor Day holiday.   

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