Tyler Iverson enjoys performing and sharing his musical talents with an audience and is looking forward to performing for a Shelby Kiwanis fundraiser for Krysko Park, taking place on Saturday, Sept. 4, starting at 4 p.m., at 726 Main Street, Shelby.

The Shelby Kiwanis Club is legendary as it is one of very few service organizations to have survived throughout the decades in Shelby. With 60 years of serving the community and counting, the Kiwanis is once again taking on a new service project, that of Krysko Skate Park. This should come as no surprise to those who know what the club is all about, helping the youth of the community. 

Over the past 60 years the Kiwanis has provided a wealth of opportunity for the community it serves. They started the Toole County Education Foundation back in 1983 and since that time has given out over $1.3 million in scholarship money. They have also built the baseball parks, put up a fence at the tennis courts and at the sports complex. Where there is a need, there is the Kiwanis.

“The Shelby Kiwanis sees a new need for our youth and that is at the Krysko Skate Park,” said Kiwanis member Dwaine Iverson. “If you drive by the skate park you will see many kids having a great time. The City would like to add some tables, benches and garbage receptacles. The Kiwanis thought that a fundraiser was needed.”

No time has been wasted in putting together a fundraiser for Krysko Park. A backyard concert featuring music by Tyler Iverson, who grew up in Shelby and is returning to perform for the fundraiser, will take place on Saturday, Sept. 4, from 6 to 8 p.m., at 726 Main Street. Iverson’s music is similar to that of Neil Young and is sure to be great entertainment for all who attend. Free food will also be provided by the Kiwanis and all they are asking for in return is a donation for Krysko Park.

“Donations are encouraged to support this project,” said Iverson. “If you are unable to attend, please send your donation to the Shelby Kiwanis at 301 First Street S., Shelby, MT 59474.”

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