Lori Cants, MMC Nurse, left, Stephanie Nelson, Respiratory Therapist and playing the part of patient, and Tressa Keller, HIT and Compliance Coordinator, demonstrate how easy and convenient Telehealth makes seeing a specialist without ever having to leave town last week at Marias Medical Center.

Have you video chatted recently? Did you know that here at Marias Medical Center we are able to contact specialists through video chat? This cost-saving advanced technology allows you to call into a specialist and have your appointment without leaving the area! This technology is essential for rural hospitals and helps us provide incredible care to our patients while saving them the stress and financial cost of traveling to a larger hospital.

On May 28, Senator Daines, along with FCC Commissioner Carr, did a mock patient call from Montana’s Children Clinic in Missoula to our facility. 

“The feedback has been very, very positive, because the patients realize they’re getting care faster, at a lower cost, and much more convenient,” Senator Daines said in a short news story afterwards. “This can save lives, literally, by closing that gap.” 

Tressa Keller, our Compliance and HIT Coordinator, has been working with Telehealth and Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC) for the past few years. Her diligence, along with support from KRMC, has enabled us to provide this service, which is still very rare amongst rural hospitals in Montana. 

Planning a trip to visit your specialist? Before you do, give us a call to find out if you can meet with them via Telehealth!

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