Tom Root, when many hear the name they think of the all-weather track project and/or Bear River Boogie. That only makes sense because for the past 15 years Root, a 1966 Shelby High Schoo   graduate, has been dedicated to his dream of raising monty to provide an all-weather track for Shelby athletes. It has not been an easy road by any means. Root has lost money trying to raise money, but he never gave up. 

“After 15 years of blood, sweat and tears, with a few peaks and lots of valleys, thanks to the Krystkowiak family, the final all-weather track goal has been achieved! There is just over $130,000 in the track account for the rubberizing,” said a very happy Root. “With a lot of hard work over the years, including raffles, auctions, many presentations and the popular Bear River Boogie, a total of over $210,000 was raised.”

Root has suggestions for the naming of the complex, as well as some advice for the future of the track.

“However, it is now in the hands of the school,” said Root. “I’ve done my part and can only hope they choose to confer with me for my insights.”

While the money to finish the track has been raised, Root said more donations are welcome. Contact Root at (406) 424-8585 for more information or to donate.

“It’s never too late to donate,” said Root. “Cosmetic work and track equipment will be needed.”

One final poster is being made before the All-Class Reunion coming up this summer. The poster will have a list recognizing all of the charter donors. In addition, a permanent plaque will be designed and placed at the sports complex with all the contributors listed.

“This project has been very emotional for me,” said Root, admitting he almost gave up numerous times. But something kept driving me.”

He concluded, “Thanks to all who have supported this badly needed project! We are bringing track back to Shelby High. Go Coyotes!”

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