On Tuesday, April 23, seven students completed the eight-week Master Gardener training course taking place from Feb. 26 to April 23. Those earning Master Gardener Level 1 status are, from left, Mike Spencer, Laurie Grimm, Natalie Greynolds, Marian Sharples, Barb Larsen and Mike Anderson. Not pictured is Tawna Hanson.

On Tuesday, April 23, seven students completed the eight-week Master Gardener training course from Feb. 26 to April 23. The Master Gardener Level 1 Class of 2019 was Barb Larsen, Marian Sharples, Mike Spencer, Laurie Grimm, Mike Anderson, Natalie Greynolds, and Tawna Hanson.

The Master Gardener Program is sponsored and taught by Montana State University Extension. The class is taught by former MSU Horticulture Specialist, Toby Day.

The Level 1 Master Gardener class is an eight-week course designed for beginning to intermediate gardeners that covers subjects including soils, fertility, plant growth and development, growing flowers and food in your garden, lawn care, irrigation, pest management, composting, and proper tree, shrub and vine planting and care.

In order for these participants to become certified Master Gardeners, the participant must attend the class, take an open book test, and fulfill a 20-hour volunteer commitment. The 20-hour volunteer commitment may include a variety of activities and is determined by the participant. Past Master Gardeners have assisted at Shelby’s community garden, represented Extension at fair or the farmer’s markets, or installed and maintained public gardens in coordination with area communities. 

To learn more about the Master Gardener Program for Montana log onto www. mtmastergardener.org. As a Master Gardner, participants can look forward to taking Level 2 in Shelby and then moving on to Level 3 for a three-day workshop in Bozeman.

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