With schools across the state being closed until March 27, there are a lot of questions about what all that might entail. Shelby Schools Superintendent Elliott Crump has provided the following information:

Q: Are District Buildings Closed?

A: No, the administration building will be open during the closure.  Staff will have access to the buildings.  If students need access to the building to pick-up a belonging they can contact the building office to make arrangements starting on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Please note that no large gatherings will occur in any district facility during the closure.

Q: Will the staff be delivering instruction during the closure?

A: No instruction will be delivered by Shelby staff during the two week closure. Outside providers via dual credit and MTDA may have requirements for students in grades 9-12. We will work on internet solutions for those students that require service that do not have access to the internet while the district is closed.

The FVCC dual credit course will continue online. Ms. Tokerud will be working with those students online.

Q: Will Shelby Schools need to make up days at the end of the year?

A: The next two weeks will not need to be made up at the end of the year. If the closure continues beyond the two weeks, additional information from the state will be needed to determine make up days.

Q: If I need to contact the District, who should I call?

A: Please contact the Administrative Office at (406) 424-8910 ext. 1.

Q: What will happen with the Juniors scheduled to take the ACT on March 24?

A: ACT will work with each test center to determine the best option. Much of this decision will depend on whether the school district or state will lift the restriction in time to reschedule within the same testing window. All registered examinees and test center staff will be kept up to date with options for testing. Some of those options may include a rescheduled test date or moving examinees to the next test date.

Q: What will occur with State Testing (SBAC)?

A: The state has not given any guidance as to whether or not state testing will occur. If testing is required, a new testing window will likely be created.

Q: Will there be spring sports/school play/Missoula Children’s Theatre?

A: All activities and gatherings are postponed with the possibility of cancellation pending future circumstances.All Activities are suspended (i.e.: no practice, no open gym, no weight room, no team meetings).

(See related Montana High School Association response on page 6.)

Q: What about Prom on April 4?

A: The board will discuss this at the Tuesday Board Meeting. Three options:continue as planned for the time being; postponement to a later date (TBD); cancellation of this year’s prom.

Q: Will the Board Meeting be viewable online?

A: We are working on this possibility. At this point we hope to have the meeting attendable via meet.google.com. This will be our first attempt at running a meeting like this; as such, we will likely have some technical difficulties.  

To simplify this process we encourage those that have questions to submit them to elliott.crump@shelby.k12.mt.us. All questions will then either be answered on this document or at the meeting.  Those viewing the meeting will be muted; however, they will be able to type questions using the “chat” function.

We strongly encourage members of the public that would like to attend the Board meeting to do so via this online method.

Q: Will lunches be available to those in need?

A: We are currently working on a solution to this issue.

* * * * * * * *

Updated information will be shared on the school’s Facebook page and website, as well as through local media outlets. For any questions contact the District Office at (406) 424-8910, ext. 1.

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