The Shelby Volunteer Fire Department and the North Toole County Volunteer Fire Department battled the blaze consuming a house on First Avenue South Friday afternoon. With wind gusts of over 20 miles an hour fanning the flames, getting this fire knocked out was no easy feat, but their combined efforts kept the fire from spreading to other properties before getting it extinguished.

A house fire taking place on Friday, July 19, took the efforts of the Shelby Volunteer Fire Department, the North Toole County Fire Department and the South Toole County Fire Department. An update on the fire was provided by Shelby Fire Chief Todd Howell on the Shelby Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page:

Yes, there was a house fire Friday and yes, we did have to send two of our firefighters to the hospital for minor injuries and to be checked out. We also had to treat five other firemen for heat exhaustion. The two that were transported sustained minor injuries and were released that evening from the hospital. Their injuries were sustained after the structure that was on fire had a “backdraft” and blew out several windows and lifted the roof off. 

The fire was safely extinguished, no help from the 20 plus mph wind we had, but with the work efforts of Shelby, South Toole and North Toole County firefighters. Please do not ask for more information or any questions as to protect those involved and the privacy of the homeowners. 

As the Shelby Fire Chief, this was a very hard day, each and every one of these firefighters is a friend, some are relatives and they are all my brothers. We all went home safe to our families after the fact and that is the most important thing.

Remember to support your local fire department, wherever you live, as we are only volunteers and do this for no pay. The better equipment and training we have and receive, the better chance is we all get to go home to our families at night. We fight what you fear and run into what you are running away from.

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