The Shelby Recycling Association is joining thousands of recyclers across the country to celebrate America Recycles Day, the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States, on Nov. 15. The Shelby Recycling Association is partnering with Shelby merchants in promoting recycling in our community. Participating merchants will be giving away Recycle Shelby bags on Friday to shoppers.  

The Shelby Recycling Association has been working since 2011 to establish and expand recycling efforts within the community. The recycling site, located at 541 First Street North, offers containers for aluminum, tin, paper and cardboard materials. They encourage you to take your electronic waste to Steel Etc. or Pacific Steel & Recycling, in Great Falls, and white goods (appliances) to M & M Recycling in Cut Bank. 

To date, the community of Shelby has kept over 500,000 pounds of recyclable materials out of the landfill, extending it’s useful life and transporting materials that are being recycled into new cardboard boxes, recycled paper, automobile parts, door and window parts, news electronic parts and so much more. 

 “Keep America Beautiful” proudly supports Recycle Shelby and commends their efforts to promote recycling in Shelby and Toole County. Recyclable items we use every day, like that newspaper in the morning, are recoverable resources that can be manufactured into new and valuable products. 

Together, we can reduce the billions of dollars’ worth of material thrown away each year and work to give that “garbage” another life through recycling.

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