Interested in running for office? The county-wide primary election will be held on June 2, 2020, and the time to file a “Declaration For Nomination” is Jan. 9, with the deadline to file being March 9. There are two seats up for election this year, Toole County Clerk of Court, currently held by Debra Munson, and Commissioner District 1, currently filled by Joe Pehan. 

To be eligible to run for commissioner you must live in the district represented, but keep in mind you are voted on by all registered voters. A detailed description of the district is available at the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. You must also be a citizen of Montana, 18-years-old, a registered voter and a resident of Toole County. There is also a $268.78 filing fee.

If you are interested in running for Clerk of Court the filing fee is $258.78 and you must be at least 18-years-old, a registered voter, a citizen of Montana and a resident of Toole County.

Property ownership is not a requirement for holding any office and the filing fees are set according to state law at a rate of one-half of one percent of the total annual salary. 

Anyone interested in filing for a county office needs to contact the Clerk and Recorder’s Office located on the second floor of the Toole County Courthouse to obtain the correct forms. At the time of filing the candidate must meet the requirements for the position and pay the filing fee. Provision is made for indigent individuals to provide other documents in lieu of filing fees. Anyone with any questions in regards to the elections is encouraged to stop by the Clerk and Recorder’s office or call (406) 424-8300, ext. 2.

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