Lawyers, Brian Lee, center, and David Lee, right, are excited to welcome Ryan Stewart to the Lee Law Office team and are looking forward to expanding the firm as David will be opening a branch office in Helena in the upcoming weeks.

Great childhood memories of growing up in your small hometown follow you throughout your life and at some point you may find yourself wanting to return to give your own children some of the same great experiences. That, along with the job opportunity waiting at Lee Law Office, is what brought 2009 SHS graduate Ryan Stewart back to Shelby. Stewart, the son of Dr. Lance and Joan Stewart, along with his wife, Sarah, and children, Julie, four-years-old, and Thomas, who is almost two-years-old, moved to Shelby in May and Stewart couldn’t be happier.

“I loved growing up here,” he smiled. “I wanted my kids to have the same. I’m most excited to watch my kids grow up in this community and looking forward to attending their sports and other activities.”

Stewart and his wife spent their fifth wedding anniversary packing up their life in Nashville, Tenn., where Stewart had attended law school at Vanderbilt and recently graduated. Prior to law school Stewart attended and graduated from BYU and it was while he was home visiting family that he stopped by Lee Law Office and shared his plan of attending law school with Brian Lee.

“I told him once he finished law school he would have a job,” said Lee. “He left for law school a couple of months later and then interned here during the summers of 2017 and 2018. The office staff is happy to have him. Sometimes you just don’t know how someone will work out, Ryan is capable and talented and will be a great lawyer.”

Stewart just took the bar a couple of weeks ago and is looking forward to what the future holds. He has an undergraduate degree in economics, something that will definitely be useful in a law firm that primarily deals in estate, probate, business planning and transactional law, and has already proven to be. 

“Ryan has worked on some projects during his internship where his economics degree was very beneficial,” said Lee. “It was great to have his knowledge and input on those projects.”

Stewart will primarily be practicing transactional law, but will be taking on some criminal cases, as has law partner, David Lee. 

“He will do a bit of criminal for procedural experience,” said Lee. “But we are trying to focus more on transactional law as most lawyers in the area that practice it are getting older and retiring, giving opportunity for our firm to expand its practice.”

Not only is the firm expanding its practice with the addition of Stewart, but by branching out to Helena, where David Lee is moving and setting up an office. David’s girlfriend lives in Helena and with the addition of Stewart to the firm, things just worked out.

“Dave rented an office in downtown Helena and is keeping the clients he has now,” said Lee. “He will make trips back to Shelby and is looking to expand the client base in Helena. Some criminal stuff of Dave’s Ryan will take on, others Dave will still do from Helena. I’m optimistic this will be a positive thing for all involved.”

Taking a chance and change isn’t always easy, but most times the outcome is worth overcoming the challenges involved. Stewart will be taking on some of Dave’s work when he leaves for Helena and will continue to work on building a client base for himself. Branching out and expanding will bring in more opportunity for Lee Law Office, benefiting all involved. Stewart is looking forward to the possibilities and is happy to be a part of the expanding practice.

“It’s been easy coming back,” he concluded. “There is tons of support here, the office is great, I enjoy working with everyone. I can’t imagine a better working environment.”

Serving the community for more than 30 years, Lee Law Offices, PC, with branches in Shelby and soon Helena, is looking forward to continuing its tradition of offering legal services to those in the area and further. If you have a legal need give Lee Law Office a call at (406) 434-5244.

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