The number of active COVID-19 cases in Toole County continues to climb, with over 50 new cases over the weekend.

The numbers according to the Governor’s Joint Task Force as of Monday morning reported 54 new cases, bringing the total of active cases in Toole County to 151. The latest numbers show nine males, 20-29; 18 males, 30-39; 14 males, 40-49; seven males, 50-59; five males and one female, 60-69. No information was available from the Toole County Health Department as of press time.

As of Monday morning, Oct. 12, Superintendent Elliott Crump had not been notified of any new cases involving Shelby students.

“Based on my conversation with the health department, I have no new student cases,” said Crump. “I will stay in touch with them, as there may be individuals tested today. If I do have additional cases, the health department will notify me.”

As of Thursday, Oct. 8, a total of 100 students, approximately 22 percent of the student body, K-12, have been affected by COVID-19. Six Shelby students and two Shelby teachers had tested positive.

As of press time, Shelby Public Schools remain open for on-campus learning and are not looking to close. 

“Shelby has no intention of going to 100 percent distance learning,” said Crump. “We believe that our students’ mental health and well-being are best met when we have them in the buildings; as such, we will only implement 100 percent distance learning if we do not have enough staff to support in-person instruction.”

Crump concluded, “Shelby Public Schools is open and our cohorting has been effective, as all active cases have been confined to cohort groups. This indicates that COVID spread is occurring in the community, but once it enters the school it remains contained within a cohort group. To stay open, we need parental support, we need parents to keep close tabs on their children’s health and we need parents to keep their children at home if their children exhibit any COVID symptoms.”

More information on COVID throughout Toole County and the state can be found at dphhs.mt.gov.

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