Terri Baney is excited about her and husband, Tim’s, latest business venture, T&T Creations, located on Main Street next to the Tap Room. The Baneys are no strangers to owning a business as they have owned and operated T&T Diesel for over 20 years prior to embarking on their latest adventure.

Tim and Terri Jo Baney are no strangers when it comes to owning their own business, owning and operating T & T Diesel Repair, Inc. for nearly 24 years now. As of May 15, the Baneys are now also the proud owners of Main Street’s newest business, T&T Creations, located at 244 Main Street, right next to the Tap Room. T&T Creations is located where HiLine Designs once was and will be offering some of the same services and more.

“The store is getting more clothing for men, women and kids,” said Terri. “Tim and I will design decals for businesses, vehicles, DOT signs for equipment, etc. We will design cups, make banners, and, of course, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags and more. Soon we will have more jewelry and crocheted ideas.”

The duo has talked about doing something like this for years and decided that now was the time to take on a new adventure. Currently they are receiving help from their family and all are excited about this new business venture on Main Street.

“I hope taking over this business will spark many to venture to all stores on Main Street,” said Terri. “Smiles and friendly welcomes make people come back. Fingers crossed on livening up Main Street again,” she added.

Offering clothing, T-shirt design and much more, the Baneys are looking forward to serving everyone who walks through the door. Ordering different styles, colors, sizes or anything else you need is not a problem and they are happy to do so.

“Anything you need, we will try to find for you,” said Terri. “I would have to say if you want a part for equipment I will have to send you out to T & T Diesel Repair, Inc. My husband would get you what you need. We would love to see our designs wander all around town and hoping it will travel north, south, east and west.”

T&T Creations is open for business, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store has also been open on Saturdays. If the open sign is on, feel free to come on in even if it is after 6 p.m.

“If we are working late at the store, your welcome to shop until the open sign don’t shine,” invited Terri.

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