Shelby City Council members met on Wednesday, Oct. 23, due to Mayor McDermott being out of town on Monday, Oct. 21. During the meeting, action was taken by the Council on a number of agenda items.

Resolution No. 2008, re: Intent to Sell Certain City of Shelby Real Property to Silver Key, LLC, is in regards to selling the Williamson Building to Kyle Stewart, Silver Key, LLC. 

“This resolution is the buy/sell agreement that the Council already passed,” said City Attorney Bill Hunt. “This resolution is for the title company, they want to see something in writing, which is why we need to do this.”

The Council was advised that there hadn’t been any further contact with Silver Key since approving the buy/sell agreement but in order to keep things in line for the sale to happen the Council needed to have this in place. The resolution unanimously passed.

The Council also revisited the traffic control problem at the corner of Fifth Street South and Ninth Avenue South, and the corner of Sixth Avenue South and Fifth Street South.

“I called the Department of Transportation and spoke with Doug Dailey,” said Hunt. “He said a traffic study can be helpful, but also advised that any traffic control you put anywhere will have unintended consequences. When you change driving patterns new issues come up.”

Hunt went on to explain that they discussed the possibility of speed bumps, but then there is the issue of plowing snow.

“That’s not going to work,” said Hunt.

The possibility of the moveable signs showing a vehicle’s speed, like the one at the north end of the viaduct, was discussed as a possible solution. 

“Then you have to worry about people moving them,” said Hunt. “And you have to keep the through-ways clear. But the one at the end of the viaduct does slow me down; they do work. That might be the way to go.”

The signs reading a vehicle’s speed run around $2,000. Community Development Director Lorette Carter shared that the signs that flash the speed limit are about $1,000, total, including installation. 

“I’m wondering if we really need something,” said Council member Debbie Clark. “I’m kind of with Bill on this.”

“The main time speed is an issue, is when the correctional officers are going home or to work,” said Moritz. “At shift change is when it’s a problem. We could have some extra police patrol at those times.”

Hunt advised that the TCSO deputies would need to be reminded to patrol and that would require someone doing the reminding.

City Superintendent Luis Correa also had a possible solution. “We could try better signage to start,” said Correa. “That’s another option. We can move the 25 mph sign so it’s more visible. We can get a better reflective sign.”

Councilman Joe Flesch agreed with Correa, “I think we should start with improving the signage. It’s baby steps, but it’s progress and not costing a bunch of money. Improving the signs, some additional signs.”

The Council unanimously chose to start with Correa’s suggestion of improving the existing sign and adding a couple more in the area.

The Council also passed the Stormwater Phase 2 Change Order #1. The reason for the change order was due to some additional cost in supplies, relocating a gas main and fixing the gutters. This requires no additional money to be paid out from the City.

“This isn’t any additional money from the City,” said Chief Financial Officer Jade Goroski. “They paved in the concrete valley gutters so we asked them to put the valley back in there. That required additional supplies to do, relocating a gas main, those are the main reasons why.”

The Council agreed to the change order and then moved on to also approve flowable fill for crossings that tie into Highway 2. 

“This is what we want to do on the side streets that intersect with Front Street,” Mayor McDermott. “It’s $3,000 each, for a total of $12,000.”

During this meeting the Council also approved the prior meeting’s minutes, all reports and claims. The next City Council meeting will take place on Monday, Nov. 4, starting at 6:30 p.m., at City Hall.

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