Abby Pierre found out it’s a lot more fun and way cooler to chase your brothers while skipping through hoops of water last Thursday afternoon at the Splash Park in Shelby. Below, Rob Lee and his daughter were found having a blast cooling off at the Splash Park. The Splash Park is free to the public and open seven days a week from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.  

The City of Shelby is continually seeking improvements to public facilities, especially the Shelby Swimming Pool and Splash Park, which is enjoyed by hundreds of children and families each summer. Through the “Fund the Fun” campaign the city was able to complete the Splash Park in 2017, thanks to the generosity of families and businesses from Shelby and our regional friends and neighbors. The Splash Park now boasts a wonderful splash pad with eight fun water squirters, guns, dumping buckets and water hoops. In addition, the city has added new trees through grant funding from the Montana Department of Natural Resources, picnic tables and pads and a pergola/picnic area through local donations and grant funding creating a welcoming and fun recreation area for children and families.

The city is now concentrating efforts on the swimming pool. Over the years, the city has had to remove the aging and dangerous diving boards, leaving kids no play structures within the pool. They have been researching play equipment that their insurance carrier has approved for installation. These include a pool climbing wall and miniature zip line that will bring hours of fun and entertainment for our kids.

City finances are strained and expenses such as these are hard to justify in relation to public infrastructure demands, so through the Office of Community Development the city has initiated the Shelby Swimming Pool Play Fund. To date the city has received very generous gifts from an anonymous donor and Marias Veterinary Clinic, allowing the city to purchase the climbing wall. The climbing wall play structure will be ordered this week in the hopes it can be installed in the pool in early July. 

The City of Shelby is very grateful to these and all contributors to our pool projects and hope that others consider a donation. 

“Together we can all make the Shelby Swimming Pool and Splash Park a wonderful summer play area for our children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends and visitors to enjoy for many years,” said Lorette Carter, project coordinator. 

Donations can be mailed to the Shelby Swimming Pool Play Fund account at the City of Shelby, 112 First Street South.

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