The Toole County Education Foundation would like to recognize Harvey Hawbaker for his instrumental role in forming the foundation. Harvey served on a team of administrators reviewing the Chinook school system in 1981. Chinook had an educational foundation that was started by Lloyd B. Sweet. This foundation had over a million dollars in it as principle to generate scholarships.

Harvey brought the concept to the Shelby Kiwanis Club. The Kiwanis Club’s primary mission is kids, so it fit right into what they do. James Nelson, Harvey Hawbaker and Dwaine Iverson met on Aug. 12, 1981, to explore putting a foundation together for Toole County. The Shelby Kiwanis paid for the legal filing and application fee to the IRS.

The approval of the foundation by the IRS was on May 24, 1984. TCEF awarded its first scholarship of $500 to Dana Lund in 1985. Since that time, many donors have provided for the TCEF. Some of the largest donors were Al and Dorothy Colberg, Vivian Hall, Tony Vackoff, Rae and Ann Kalbfleisch and Ben and Fay Taylor. The TCEF has been able to award scholarships to Toole County students of about $1.25 million to date. TCEF awards scholarships to current graduates and to second year students, each year. Currently those have been averaging $50 to $60,000 per year.

None of this would have happened if Harvey Hawbaker had not taken the effort to bring this to the Shelby Kiwanis Club. This effort will be long-lasting to the graduates of Shelby and North Toole County High Schools. The Shelby Kiwanis and TCEF want to show our appreciation of Harvey by giving a scholarship in Harvey Hawbaker’s name for all his efforts in the foundation, school and community. You can donate to the Toole County Education Foundation, 301 First Street South, Shelby, MT, 59474.

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