Wylie Gustafson is coming to town on Dec. 7 to help raise money for the Carousel Rest Area of Shelby. Wylie will not only sing but also auctioneer many items that have been donated for the fundraiser.

Yodeling Conrad cowboy Wylie Gustafson is making a special trip to Shelby for a fantastic reason–to help support the carousel! Gustafson will be performing during the Carousel Rest Area of Shelby’s fundraising event on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 3-5 p.m. Not only will Gustafson be performing for those in attendance, he will also be sharing his auctioneer talents during a live auction, later in the day.

The carousel will open on Saturday, Dec. 7, at noon and remain open until 7 p.m. There will be ice cream and beverages available, along with the added bonus of door prizes to be given away throughout the day. 

“We won’t be charging an entry fee that day,” said carousel founder, Harry Benjamin. “It will be a voluntary donation. We will also be having at least four door prize drawings and a live auction.”

The carousel is closed throughout the winter months, with the exception of private parties, so this is your chance to get out of the house and enjoy some time visiting with friends, checking out some auction items that might make the perfect Christmas gift, and, of course, ride the carousel! 

The Carousel Rest Area of Shelby is a non-profit entity and runs entirely on donations and the tickets, beverages and ice cream sold to visitors. There are still some unfinished projects that need to be taken care of at the facility, but funding is needed first. There is also the matter of paying utilities and other bills to keep the carousel operational and open. Any and all donations help and are greatly appreciated.

Cutting prices, offering passes and organizing fundraising events are all efforts being put forth by the carousel to keep the doors open. While there’s not an immediate threat of having to close, Benjamin wants to avoid that even becoming a possibility.

“Too many people and too much has been invested to quit now,” said Benjamin.

Auction items are starting to come in, with more expected by the day of the event. All proceeds from the day will benefit the carousel.

The month of December is a busy one, so be sure and mark your calendars, or set a reminder in your phone, and be at the carousel on Saturday, Dec. 7!

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