The Shrine Circus is coming to town on Friday, June 7, and this year’s show features a new edition, all the way from another solar system, “The Transforming Robot!” There will be two shows taking place on Friday at the Marias Fairgrounds, one at 4 p.m. and another at 7 p.m. Free children’s tickets can be found at local businesses.

The summer tradition of the Tri-County Shrine Circus has returned! The Jordan World Circus will be performing at the Marias Fairgrounds on Friday, June 7. As in years past, there will be two shows, one at 4 p.m. and a second at 7 p.m. Children’s tickets can be found throughout town at local businesses and adult tickets can be purchased at the gate.

Circus goers are sure to be astonished by the death-defying feats performed, amazed by the animal acts and entertained throughout the entire performance, just as they have been for centuries. Many may not realize it, but the circus is one of the oldest entertainment shows around, dating back almost 300 years!It has always been a popular form of family entertainment from the start, and continues to this day. Where else can you see an elephant perform or a daring young lady hang by her teeth 25 feet in the air?

This year’s show offers that and more.  Not only will spectators be wowed by some of the same acts performed over centuries, Kyrgy acrobats, aerial displays in all three rings, animal acts and the human cannon ball, but also a new performer, all the way from another solar system, the Transforming Robot! 

Adding new acts to keep up with the times, the Jordan World Circus does an amazing job of keeping tradition alive while entertaining a crowd of all ages. Around the turn of the century there were over 100 circuses operating, today there are less than 40 of them. The major sponsor of the circus as charity events are the Shriners, who began their association with the business in 1925 and that association continues to this day in cities and towns across the U.S.

 Not only does the circus give children, and adults, the opportunity to see and enjoy animals and acts that are rarely found in Montana, but by attending they are also helping support a very important organization, the Tri-County Shrine.

This circus is a major fundraiser for the Shriners. The proceeds support all the local Shrine activities, which includes the hospital. The Shriners Hospital provides services for approximately 30 to 45 kids a year in the Tri-County area. The local Shrine Club attends area parades and does other activities to make awareness of their hospitals. As it is, the Tri-County Shrine Club is one of the largest Shrine donors to the Spokane Hospital.

“Tri-County Shrine donations exceed the donations of many Temples (group of Shrine Clubs),” said Shriner, Dwaine Iverson, proudly. “We always like to thank the generous people in our area that support all our activities. We are blessed to live in these great communities.”

Set a reminder or mark your calendar, as you won’t want to miss out! Friday, June 7, the Marias Fairgrounds will be packed with action, see you there!

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