Matt Rosendale, with the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Office (CSI), spoke to seniors on Oct. 4 at the Shelby Senior Center about fraud and phone scams and how to avoid becoming a victim of them.

Matt Rosendale, with the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Office (CSI), spoke to seniors Oct. 4 over lunch at the Shelby Senior Center about fraud.  

It was shared that Montana is in the top five in the United States for having the oldest population. Because of this, scammers are focusing on Montanans to prosper themselves. Rosendale and his team talked to those at the Senior Center about pyramid schemes, promissory notes, lottery sweepstake scams, investment scams, grandparent scams and other types of scams. 

“To avoid any of these scams, do not give any personal information over the phone, hang up and report these calls immediately to the sheriff’s office or you may call CSI,” said Rosendale. “Avoid the ‘free-lunch’ seminars, where individuals try to get you to invest in their product or service. If you want to do some investing and you aren’t sure if the folks are legitimate, contact CSI and they can give you that information.” 

Rosendale also encouraged seniors to always check on their current investments and bank accounts, as soon as you get them on-line or in the mail, to see if there has been any questionable activity. He also advised to never pay money for a guaranteed prize. 

The grandparent scam is hitting Montanans, especially the elderly, regularly, where you will receive a phone call from your ‘grandchild’ needing money and is afraid to ask their parents,” warned Rosendale. “Hang up immediately and talk to other family members to see if this is true. There are many scams out there and if you aren’t sure, have questions, or need more information, please call CSI at 406-444-2040.”

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