Ashlee and Patrick Frydenlund are the lucky winners of the final Trip of the Month package for 2019, five days in Paris, France, with flights and accommodations covered! The Frydenlunds are truly lucky as they didn’t actually win the trip, Pat’s sister, Robin Frydenlund, did and she generously gave it to them as a wedding gift.

It is one of the most romantic times of the year and we saw a true act of love from the December Trip of the Month winner, Robin Frydenlund. Robin was the lucky winner to the biggest trip of 2019, five days in Paris with flights and accommodations covered. However, Robin decided to gift it to her brother as a wedding present. 

“Robin has always been looking out for me,” said Patrick Frydenlund. “She helped me plan the proposal and kept Ashlee from finding out the surprise.” 

The couple was waiting to take a honeymoon trip due to a busy year and wedding expenses. 

“We bought a house, Ashlee finished up her Master’s degree as a Speech Pathologist and after getting married we decided to build up our accounts before spending more for a honeymoon,” explained Patrick. 

However, they were shocked when Robin turned their congratulations around and offered them the trip! Since you are able to transfer trips between immediate family, Magic Carpet Travel worked it all out for the newlyweds.

“I tried to turn it down and told her to take it since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but she insisted that we would have more fun,” Patrick smiled. “We couldn’t be more excited!” 

They booked their trip within the month and have a five-day honeymoon in the City of Love set for April. With so much to see in Paris, they will have a full itinerary, but will make time for a day trip to Normandy and a relaxing spa excursion.

We are so excited for Patrick and Ashlee and are so impressed by Robin’s generosity! There are so many options for a trip winner. Whether it be taking the trip, putting a $1,000 voucher towards another trip, taking $750 cash or transferring it to an immediate family member, it’s all good! Purchase a couple of tickets this year to increase the odds of going to Ireland, Mexico or another of the beautiful trips.

Have you purchased your ticket yet? There are still tickets available! Get it before Valentine’s Day and surprise your loved one. This is a winner both ways, it supports rural healthcare and is an incredible chance for some incredible trips.

Mail your check made out to Toole County Health Foundation, PO Box 915, Shelby. We will send you your ticket within the week. Don’t waste another day! If you’ve been hearing about it, you know it’s worth it. Follow us on Facebook to read the brochure with all of the rules and trips listed, at toolecountyhealthfoundation, or call us at (406) 434-3271 with any questions.

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