Shelby High School’s 2020 graduating class of 36 students received many types of financial aid from the community in order to pursue their education in college. Students received more than $50,000 from over 30 local scholarship programs. 

The Toole County Education Foundation provided almost $32,000 to 18 students in this class. This program has now awarded over $1,500,000 in awards since it was begun in 1982. The Marias River Electric Cooperative presented awards totaling $10,000 to 16 students.

Here is a list of awards and scholarships announced:

American Legion Post #43 ($250): Mary Sanchez

Basin Electric ($1,000): Brogan McAllister, Rachel Hould

Ben and Fay Taylor Memorial (portion of TCEF): Brielle Aklestad, Lucas Fretheim, Alexis McCracken, Kelsyn Lohr

Bret Wanken Memorial ($1,000): Mary Sanchez

Cabbott Memorial (portion of TCEF): Bailey Johnson

Charlotte Dube Memorial ($160): Mary Sanchez

Emily and Roscoe Greenup Memorial ($400/4 yrs): Kendall Anderson, Avery Hoover, Rachel Hould, Bailey Johnson, Alexis McCracken, Reese Whitted

George Wilson Memorial: Brogan McAllister, Rachel Hould

Heisey Memorial ($200): Bryant Mertz, Kolby Lohr, Tabris Correa, Jordyn Kruty, Jeremiah VanMaanen, Jacqueline Stratton

Janet Flesch Memorial ($500): Alexis McCracken, Raven Olsen

John Keller Memorial ($250): Lucas Fretheim

Marc Lindberg Memorial ($500): Maura Barnes

Marias River Electric ($500): Reese Whitted, Mary Sanchez, Michael Sanchez, Raven Olsen, Alexis McCracken, Brook Luly, Kelsyn Lohr, Lucas Fretheim, Bailey Johnson, Rachel Hould, Avery Hoover, Makayla Haight, Kendall Anderson, Brielle Aklestad, Jacqueline Stratton, Allison Bleecker

Marias Medical Center Auxiliary ($500): Rachel Hould, Bailey Johnson, Brogan McAllister, Alexis McCracken, Raven Olsen

Mark Mascarenas Memorial ($1,000): Brook Luly

Masonic Lodge ($2,000): Reese Whitted, Joshua Buck

Michael Christianson Memorial ($1,250/4 yrs): Brielle Aklestad

Mountain View Co-op ($500): Lucas Fretheim

Montana Association of Secondary School Principals ($500): Lucas Fretheim

Montana VFW Voice of Democracy ($1,000): Raven Olsen

Northern Telephone ($300): Kelsyn Lohr, Lucas Fretheim, Brielle Aklestad

Rae and Ann Kalbfleisch Memorial ($350): Kelsyn Lohr

Ray Zelenka Memorial ($854.77): Lucas Fretheim

Reach Higher Montana ($1,000): Bailey Johnson, Michael Sanchez

Shelby Booster Club ($250): Bailey Johnson, Brook Luly, Kendall Anderson, Michael Sanchez, Lucas Fretheim, Joshua Buck

Shelby Elks Lodge

Shelby Education Association ($500): Mary Sanchez

Shelby Fine Arts Parents ($250): Rachel Hould, Luke Fretheim

Shelby VFW Post ($500): Mary Sanchez

Shelby Volunteer Firemen ($250): Maura Barnes, Joshua Buck, Alex Stratton, Jackie Stratton, Reese Whitted

Somont Oil Company ($500): Mary Sanchez

STEM ($1,000 first year, $1,500 second/third, $2,853 fourth): Brogan McAllister, Bailey Johnson, Reese Whitted, Lucas Fretheim

Terry Moench Memorial ($1,000): Raven Olsen

Three Rivers Banner ($500): Raven Olsen, Tyler Larson

Toole County Education Foundation: Makayla Haight ($1,100), Allyson Bleecker ($650), Brogan McAllister ($2,100), Bailey Johnson ($2,100), Michael Sanchez ($1,900), Jacquelyn Stratton ($800), Kendall Anderson ($1,650), Brook Luly ($2,150), Reese Whitted ($1,400), Avery Hoover ($1,900), Laith Benhammou ($1,950), Brielle Aklestad ($2,300), Raven Olsen Hawbaker Award ($2,750), Lucas Fretheim ($1,250), Alexis McCracken ($1,600), Kelsyn Lohr ($2,550), Joshua Buck ($1,700), Rachel Hould ($2,650)

Toole County Taverns Association ($300): Raven Olsen, Jordan Cliver, Joshua Buck

Toole County Vo-tech Award ($280): Raven Olsen, Alexis McCracken

Triangle Sportsmen’s Club: Joshua Buck

Youth Serve Montana ($1,000): Rachel Hould, Michael Sanchez, Raven Olsen, Alexis McCracken, Kenall Anderson, Bailey Johnson, Brogan McAllister, Kelsyn Lohr, Brielle Aklestad

Shelby High School Honors Diploma (3.0+ GPA, 29+ credits, 100 hrs. community service, three credits AP or DC, four credits Math, Science, English, Social Science, one Dual Credit, one credit Foreign Language): Brielle Aklestad, Kendall Anderson, Lucas Fretheim, Rachel Hould, Bailey Johnson, Kelsyn Lohr, Brogan McAllister, Michael Sanchez

Departmental Awards:  Business – Kendell Anderson, English – Michael Sanchez, Health Enhancement – Tanner Parsons, Math – Bailey Johnson, Music – Joshua Buck, Social Studies – Rachel Hould, Science – Kelsyn Lohr

President’s Academic Excellence Awards: Brielle Aklestad, Joshua Buck, Jordan Cliver, Lucas Fretheim, Avery Hoover, Rachel Hould, Bailley Johnson, Kelsyn Lohr, Brogan McAllister, Raven Olsen, Michael Sanchez, Reese Whitted

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards: Bailey Johnson, Rachel Hould, Brielle Aklestad, Kelsyn Lohr

College and University Scholarships: Brielle Aklestad – Carroll Presidential ($20,000/four years), MT Advantage ($2,400/four years), Track and Field; Kendall Anderson – MSU Premier ($1,000); Mark Clark – Dickenson State, football; Jordan Cliver – MSU-Northern Merit ($1,500), Sandborn Scholar ($1,000); Lucas Fretheim – MSU Premier ($1,000); Bailey Johnson – Montana Tech, Marcus Daly Silver Wai  ($2,853/four years), Chancellor $500 (renewable); Kelsyn Lohr – Carroll Presidential (20,000/four years), Montana Advantage ($9,891/4 years), Horatio Alger ($10,000); Brogan McAllister – MSU Premier; Alexis McCracken – Montana Tech Chancellors; Raven Olsen – Jobs for America’s Graduates Smith ($1,000), Michigan Vender (two semester text books);  Tanner Parsons – Montana Tech, football.

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