The 40th Annual Parade of Homes sponsored by the Marias Medical Center Ladies Auxiliary is coming up on Sunday, Sept. 15, with Ryan and Becky Austin’s home at 739 Hill being one of a handful of homes on this year’s tour.

Marias Medical Center Auxiliary’s 40th Annual Parade of Homes is almost here! Have you bought your ticket yet? For only $10 you will be able to view four of Shelby’s most beautiful homes, Heritage Center apartments and the newly remodeled Hospital Gift Shop. The ticket also covers a serving of homemade dessert by Auxiliary members. 

In 2018, this event brought in over $1,800 for Heritage Center improvements. The Heritage Center is a quality retirement and assisted living facility that is home to 29 residents. Most of these residents are able to stay in the same community that they raised their children, worked and in many cases, keep their same neighbors! 

It also serves as an attraction to Shelby, for those with families out of town, we receives regular visitors. These family members likely stay in a hotel, eat out and shop. As a large facility, the Heritage Center also employees 22 part-time and full-time workers. 

As an independent living facility, residents are able to participate in as much or as little of the activities and excursions provided. It accepts long-term care insurance and residents on Medicaid waiver. 

This beautiful facility has not received a remodel in 30 years. Improvements will be a tremendous cost and undertaking, yet all the proceeds from the Parade of Homes will go towards these improvements. Purchasing a ticket impacts this community is a big way. We hope you will consider donating to this worthy cause! 

Tickets can be purchased from Auxiliary members, the Cedar Closet, Hospital Gift Shop, the Heritage Center, Chops Hair Salon, and Sunburst Mercantile. Thank you for your support! (Photos and addresses of all homes on the tour appear in this week’s issue.)

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