Toole County was represented by a fantastic group of people attending the Alliance for Youth Health Rocks Camp near Bigfork. Those attending and enjoying the adventure included Toole County Sheriff’s Office SRO Officer Josh Uylaki, Ginger Seifert, Kira Siefert, Mazie Kimmet, Evan Clarke, Miguel Veloz, Elijah Shakur, Beau Lowe, Wyatt Wallace, Jonathan Brady, Curtis Kimmet, Gabe Boutlier, Leland Postma, Trevor Seifert, Curtis Buotlier and Eleanor Heaton.

Summer vacation has come to end with students returning to the classroom on Aug. 25, but a week prior a group of motivated and ambitious kids and volunteers participated in the 2021 Health Rocks Camp Aug. 16-18. The camp was held at Darryl Fenner’s 4-H camp in Bigfork and Toole County students sixth through eighth grade were invited. 

“Campers came from Shelby and North Toole County,” said Toole County Alliance for Youth Coordinator Mary Miller. “One junior counselor received 60 hours of community service credits towards scholarship applications from Sunburst High School.”

The camp’s curriculum was “WhyTry,” an evidence-based program used to teach resiliency skills and how to make positive decisions in life. Not only did campers receive some invaluable life skills, they also enjoyed a variety of activities that go along with attending summer camp.

“The youth got to enjoy camping, canoeing, fishing, art projects, dance party and the partners brought in a Polynesian Dance Troupe that taught them making good choices leads to productive lives,” said Miller. “We had an authentic Indian Stick Ball Games instructor come from the Flathead and the youth were taught the game traditionally and took part in a two hour game.”

Attending camp would not have been possible if it wasn’t for some adult chaperones that were generous with their time and volunteered to attend camp with the students. Toole County Sheriff SRO Officer Josh Uylaki; Robyn Kimmet, RN and camp nurse; Jeannie Wigen, bus driver; Erika Postma of Youth Dynamics; Jonathan Brady, Alliance for Youth; and Elijah Shakur, Alliance for Youth. 

And then there are those awesome community sponsors that made the camp possible with donations and time, 3Rivers Communications, North Toole County Foundation, the Toole County Sheriff’s Office, Comfort Inn, Shelby School District and MSU Extension/Toole County. 

A great time was had by all who attended the three-day camp adventure with those who did attend leaving with a multitude of tools and lessons to help guide them through life with making good choices. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all who made the camp possible for these Toole County students.

“We would like to thank the Shelby School District for the bus transportation to and from camp,” concluded Miller. “We also thank all of our sponsors for making this camp possible for the youth in Toole County.”

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