Mother, Becky Ergenbright, knows the importance of spending time and having fun, even if it’s just taking a goofy selfie with daughters, Bridger, left, and Jaydin.

Sunday, May 12, is Mother’s Day, a time when most will honor and celebrate the women who have raised and cared for them throughout their lives. While becoming a mom is one of the best life-changing events to take place, it is also one of the most challenging. Some days seem to drag on forever, while the years just fly by. 

Becky Ergenbright and her husband of nine years, Nathan, are parents to three young girls, Bridger, who will be seven-years-old at the end of May, Hadley, age four, and Jaydin, who is a year old. The couple moved to Shelby eight years ago when Nathan was hired on with the Montana Department of Transportation. Moving to Shelby and embarking on the adventure of having a family has kept them busy ever since.

“We are members of the First Baptist Church, so we help with the big Easter egg hunt and Trunk or Treat, and help with children’s church and the nursery,” shared Ergenbright. “My oldest is involved with any sport that will take her, plus guitar. Once a week we even drive to Conrad, so one can do karate while the other is in gymnastics. I’m mostly just a chauffer, but lucky enough to have a wonderful husband that jumps in if I’m not able. I can’t wait to see what my youngest will be involved in when she gets older.”

Ergenbright first became “mom” at age 34, and prior to that she used to enjoy trips, whether it be a road trip to a small town festival or a flight to somewhere new, it didn’t matter. But now that she has little ones, those adventures are a struggle, but a struggle she knows will get easier as her children get older. 

“When they get a little older I would love to share those kinds of adventures with them,” she smiled.

Until that day comes Ergenbright is enjoying watching her girls grow into their own, very different, personalities. As with anything, there are challenges, and Ergenbright does her best to help her children get through them.

“One of my daughters struggles with anxiety so bad that it takes her voice away,” she shared. “I try to make sure she’s prepared for new challenges so fear doesn’t take over. She has also been very lucky to find wonderful friends to be her voice when she needs one.”  

Ergenbright also has found some great friends in other moms around the area. Any busy mom knows that “me” time is essential, but hard to come by. While it wasn’t easy to find, Ergenbright finally found her solution, early morning.

“I’ve had a hard time finding ‘me time,’ but finally squeezed it in,” smiled Ergenbright. “I started meeting up with other moms early mornings at the Civic Center for a little exercise and adult conversation.”

It’s also all the other great moms out there that Ergenbright looks to as role models. She explained that she does not have just one, as “there are so many amazing moms out there that I like to learn a little bit of something from each of them.” 

In return, those moms also have the opportunity to learn from Ergenbright, who over the years has become a pretty fantastic mother herself. At first she shared the same fear as any new mother, “am I doing this right?” As the years have gone by and the family has grown, Ergenbright no longer worries about doing it the “right way,” but instead does what feels right.

Listening to your children, watching and guiding them as they grow and instilling morals and life lessons are all important factors, but the bottom line when it comes to raising kids is time and love. 

“Enjoy every stage along the way, because they’re only young once,” concluded Ergenbright.

Whether you’re just starting upon the great journey that is motherhood, trying to survive the teenage years, or are enjoying life with your adult children, we wish all mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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