Traveling rural roads throughout Toole County can be a challenge right now as many are partially or fully covered by water. All are reminded that if the sign says “Road Closed,” the road is CLOSED and for good reason!

Photo by Calvin Kanning

Toole County was declared a disaster due to flooding on April 18, according to DES Coordinator Darrell Stafford.

“This means emergency funding to help fix all of this when it finally stops will be available,” he said.

Last week saw 17 county roads closed, leaving many rural residents finding creative ways to get to and from home. There have been a few close calls, including one videoed and posted on Facebook by Matt McCollam, whose brother, Seth, braved the water in order to help Shelby’s April Seubert. She was traveling along U.S. Highway 2 and didn’t see the warning signs about water on the roadway. She told the Great Falls Tribune her vehicle spun off the highway into an area where the water was about five feet deep. 

The McCollam brothers spotted her and Seth swam out to her and brought her back to their vehicle and then drove her to meet her husband, Gary, in Chester.

Stafford warns everyone traveling rural areas in Toole County, “If the road says it’s closed, it’s CLOSED.”

As of April 21 another road closure had been added to the list, Bronken Road from Benjamin Road to North Dunkirk. Currently Pederson Road, Aschim to Kohles; Dobyns Road, South Dunkirk to South Telstad; South Central School, St. Olaf to County line; South Bootlegger, St. Olaf to County line; Torske Road, St. Olaf to County line; North Telstad, Highway 2 to Jap Evans; North Dunkirk, Highway 2 to Gus Blaze; South Devon, Highway 2 to Peterson; North Devon, Highway 2 to Gus Blaze; GreenHill, North Devon to Galata; Sunby and Willow Creek intersection to Miners Coulee; Border Road, Horgus to Ehli; Trail Creek, Oilmont Highway to Gus Blaze; One Mile Road, south one mile from Hesla’s; Rooney Road, Oilmont Highway to Gus Blaze; North Bootlegger, Highway 2 to Tiber; and Jap Evans North, Devon to Galata are all closed.

All are encouraged not to drive on closed roads or roads with significant water, even 12 inches of water can move a car off the road! To report road flooding contact the Toole County Road Department at 434-2742 during business hours or the Toole County Sheriff’s Office at 434-5585. Updates on road closures are also available through both departments.

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