The Toole County Combined Fund Drive Committee thanks everyone in Toole County for their generous contributions to the 2018-19 fund drive. This year, the effort raised $12,675. This was much less than previous years, but the funds raised are greatly appreciated. These donations will support youth recreation programs in the county, scouting, food assistance programs, recycling and the animal shelter. It will help local groups that assist those affected by abuse and crime and national organizations that research and fight devastating illnesses. It will assist very worthwhile organizations that give much to our communities.

The Shelby Swim Team, Toole County Youth Soccer, Shelby Baseball Association, Hi-Lines Help for Abused Spouses, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Arthritis Foundation, North Toole County Youth Program, Sagebrush Food Pantry, Center for Mental Health, Toole County Crimestoppers, Toole County Friends of the Library, Boy Scouts of America, American Cancer Society, Recycle Shelby, Prairie Oasis Animal Shelter, Sunburst Swim Team, Toole County Garden Club, Alzheimer’s Walk, Carousel Rest Area of Shelby and Girl Scouts of America thank you for your generosity and hope you will continue to support their efforts.  

If you would still like to contribute to the Toole County Combined Fund Drive, please send your donation to P.O. Box 378, Shelby, MT  59474.  Together we can make a difference.

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