The City of Shelby was one of the first in the State of Montana to create a specialty license plate. Due to less than 400 plates being sold, Shelby is now in danger of losing its one-of-a-kind plate! Currently there have been 223 plates sold but another 177 are needed in order to keep the plate available.

“I didn’t even know we had one.”

“I was just at the courthouse a few days ago to get plates and I didn’t see it on the wall with the other hundreds of Montana specialty plates.”

It quickly became apparent upon sharing the “Save the Plate” campaign on the City of Shelby Facebook page that many didn’t even realize there was a Shelby license plate to be had, let alone saved. But that is the case, and Shelby is in danger of losing its Montana specialty plate. 

“The City of Shelby was one of the first in the State of Montana to create a specialty license plate,” said Community Development Director Lorette Carter. “But we have a chance of losing our awesome plate! The State requires 400 plates and we are only at 223.”

The plate not only boasts pride for Shelby, but purchasing it benefits the community as well. The proceeds received so far from plate purchases have been used to support Champions Park and the Carousel Rest Area of Shelby.

“There are many other needs in our community that your purchase of the Shelby plate can help support,” said Carter. “Please, Save the Plate!”

Depicting a beautiful big sky sunrise with a howling coyote, the plate is eye-catching and boasts hometown pride. The Shelby license plates can be purchased from the Treasurer’s Office located on the second floor of the courthouse for $40. 

You do not need to wait until it’s time to renew your tags to purchase a new license plate. The option to buy the plate is always available, just stop in the Treasurer’s Office, buy the plate and pay the transfer fee. 

Don’t wait! Save the Plate!

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