Memories were shared and a few tears shed when Shelby Book Club members, Diane Hould, left, Pam Whitted and Rose Kluth, far right, presented Heidi Alford and Ruth Flesch with the book purchased by the book club in Laila Lindberg’s memory last Thursday afternoon at the Toole County Library.

A book club spanning 86-years and still going strong, that is an amazing accomplishment, one that only a few can boast about being a part of, and those few are the ladies of the Shelby Book Club. 

The Promoter has published a few articles on the long-standing group over the years, the most recent in 2010, when it celebrated its 75th anniversary. Formed in 1935, the club has continued to thrive, moving forward with new members and remembering those who made the club what it is today. 

It has been a tradition of the club to honor those members who have passed by purchasing a book to be donated to the library in her memory. The book generally represents that member’s personal interests. One such dedication took place on Thursday, March 25, when Alice’s Piano: The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer, was donated in remembrance and honor of recently passed member Laila Lindberg.

“Laila was an active member of our group for many years,” said book club historian Pam Whitted. 

“We purchase a book that reflects who that member was, their personality or preference,” added Rose Kluth. “We do this for every member who has passed away.”

Lindberg’s daughters, Ruth Flesch and Heidi Alford, who also happens to be the head librarian at the Toole County Library, were on hand to accept the donated book in their mother’s honor. Memories of Lindberg were shared and a few tears shed as the group fondly reminisced about meetings passed and what Lindberg brought to the group.

“She kept everyone on task and up to par,” recalled  Diane Hould with a smile.

The book club still meets twice a month for coffee, a sweet treat, quick meeting and an entertaining review of the latest book read. If you are interested in becoming a part of the club or would like more information about this fabulous group contact the Toole County Library at (406) 424-8345.

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