The November Trip of the Month winners, through the Toole County Health Foundation’s fundraiser, are Ron and Kim Bloch! They won three nights in Banff, AB, with $200 for gas and two tickets for a gondola ride. 

“We are happy to support Marias Medical Center and we were very excited and very surprised to hear that we won,” said Kim in response to the good news. “When I found out, all I could think about was skiing in Banff!” 

They purchased their tickets through former County Commissioner, Deb Brandon, who had helped get the fundraiser going by selling over 70 tickets. 

With the ticket sales coming up in January, Kim and Ron already have a spot saved for 2020.  

“It’s fun to look at the trip of the month and daydream about winning!” 

They no longer have to dream about skiing in Banff, but can make it a reality! Congratulations also to Page and Don Nagy for winning the $150!

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for 2020’s Trip of the Month fundraiser contact Erin Wanken as soon as possible at ewanken@mmcmt.org or 406-434-3271.

 The waiting list is filling up and this could be the last year to get on it. If you purchased a ticket last year, have no fear, your place is saved. Ticket sales will begin in January 2020! 

Follow Toole County Health Foundation on Facebook for current information on the Trip of the Month fundraiser!

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