The City Council met on Monday, Sept. 16, with a short agenda of action items.

The Council unanimously passed Resolution No. 2007, re: Cancel General Election.

“Treva (Nelson) needs it officially adopted to cancel the election,” said finance officer Jade Goroski. Nelson is the Toole County Clerk and Recorder. “There is no more than one person running for each ward so there is no need to have a General Election.”

The minutes of the previous meeting, claims and all reports were also unanimously accepted and approved by the Council.

Goroski told the Council that JCC&S, the auditors, will be here on Oct. 1 to get the audit for Fiscal Year 2019 underway.

City Superintendent Luis Correa gave an overview of what the city crew has been working on and where they are at with getting things ready for the winter months.

“The new gutters for the pool are being designed,” said Correa. “We’re trying to get them done and in this fall. All Season (Heating and Air Conditioning) is doing the ventilation system at the pool and the parks throughout town are being mowed a few more times before winter.”

Correa also visited with the Council about the screen tops for the four, large, commercial containers owned and leased by the City.

“I am looking to get two instead of four,” said Correa. “The reason we need them is the containers are hard to move without losing garbage out of them. We are getting the screen tops from the same company that distributes these containers.”

Correa shared that the City crew would be welding and mounting the screen tops to the containers as a winter project so they would be available and ready to go in the spring. Previously he had discussed purchasing one screen top for each container, a total of four, but decided to just start with two after talking to Goroski.

“This is where I came in,” said Goroski. “With it being so early in the budget year, these come out of the Solid Waste Fund, I thought it would be safer to just purchase two.”

SWS Equipment is the distributor and the screen tops run $1,898.60 each. The freight is an additional $1,840, with the original bid for four screen tops coming in at $9,434.

The Council unanimously voted to purchase two screen tops 

The next City Council meeting will take place on Monday, Oct. 7, starting at 6:30 p.m., at City Hall. The meetings are open to the public.

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