Celebrating Arbor Day in Shelby has grown every year, with more and more joining in to help clean up around the area. This year Arbor Day is taking place on Friday, April 26, and those around the community are busy signing up to volunteer! 

“City officials believe this is an incredible opportunity for our young people to take pride in their community and give back to it with this city-wide cleanup project,” said Community Development Director Lorette Carter. “The City invites all residents, groups and organizations to join the students in this community service day.”

Shelby students are on top of clean-up duties, with group leaders, Rob Lee, Kyle Fisher and Alyssa Finch, signing on to clean the Shelby school complex, Aronow Park, Prairie and Valley Streets, Main Street and Front Street and the list doesn’t end there! Students will also be found cleaning up City Park, the Albertson’s Park and the concrete alley.

There are some students that will be doing even more cleaning, as they are parts of other groups participating. 

The Shelby Baseball Association, under the direction of Dave and Tina Stevenson, will be tackling the Lake Shel-oole Baseball Complex while the St. William’s Youth Group will be cleaning around the fire hall, Sixth Avenue South and Main Street area, with leader Jeanne McDonough. 

The Shelby Swim Team is diving in as well, Bridget Blevins will be leading her crew in cleaning up the swimming pool park and Johnson Park.

Arbor Day cleaning doesn’t just see Shelby’s students cleaning up, but many other residents as well. Staff from Marias Medical Center, with group leader Erin Wanken, will be removing trash and putting their efforts towards the medical facility and the Landfill Road, while staff from the Heritage Center, with leader Jessica Brusven, will clean around the Heritage Center.

The list of volunteers doesn’t end there! The Master Gardeners and Toole County MSU-Extension Agent Kim Woodring are temporarily taking off their gardening gloves and grabbing garbage bags to tend to Fifth Street and 12th Avenue North, cleaning the entire area along with Champions Park.

As for the west entrance of Shelby, that is covered, too! Brooke Rogers and members of Drug Court will be on site come Friday, lending a hand and taking pride in cleaning an area many see upon arriving in Shelby.

You don’t have to be a part of a group or organization to participate in Arbor Day. By just grabbing a garbage bag and cleaning up around your home or office you are a part of the great effort in keeping Shelby a clean and welcoming place to proudly call home.

“The City of Shelby thanks all of those volunteering and taking pride in our community,” concluded Carter. “Thank you for helping make Shelby a great place to live, work and raise our families.”

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