This creative farm scene was constructed by the McCauley children, Sammie, Mac and Shannon, for the annual Gingerbread Contest hosted by the Marias Museum and TLC Catering. The fantastically crafted display earned the trio first place honors in the Youth Division.

The results of the 2020 Gingerbread Contest, co-sponsored by the Marias Museum of History and Art and TLC Catering are in and even with a virtual contest this year there were 15 entries!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the museum’s annual Christmas Open House was cancelled. The event features the museum’s annual Gingerbread Creation Contest. Upon finding out the event had been cancelled, Robyn Kimmet, of TLC Catering, contacted the museum board and offered to co-sponsor an online contest this year.  The three categories in which participants competed in were: Gingerbread Cookie, Gingerbread Houses and Gingerbread Scenes. There were also three age divisions in each category, Youth, Open (adults) and Golden Age. 

The rules were kept simple:

Entries must contain gingerbread. Pre-baked cookie blanks and building parts were allowed.

All construction and decorating must be done by the entrant.

All visible parts of the entry must be edible.

This year’s winners are listed below:


Youth Division: first place, Elizabella White; honorable mention, Grady White.


Youth Division: first place, Kristen Russell; honorable mentions, Madeline Keller, Curtis Kimmet, Elizabella White, Grady White and Maizy Kimmet.

Golden Age Division: first place, Myra Schilling.


Youth Division: first place, Sammie, Mac and Shannon McCauley (Farm Scene); honorable mention, Malcom Russell (Football Stadium).

Open Division: first place, Chris Kimmet (Train).

Golden Age Division: first place, Opal Larson (castle); honorable mentions, Myrtle Meyer (house with landscaping), Sharon Logan (house with skating pond).

Hopefully, everything will be back to normal next year, and the contest can go “live” again at the 2021 Christmas Open House.

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