Jessica Tomsheck, third from back left, and Shaylee Alford, in front of Tomsheck, were all smiles after competing and earning a silver medal in Doubles Bocce Ball at the Special Olympic Summer Games held in Great Falls last week.

A special send-off assembly at Shelby Elementary School and a lit up, siren-filled escort out of town took place last Tuesday morning as the Shelby Life Special Olympics team headed off to the State games hosted by Great Falls May 14-17. 

This year’s team boasts seven athletes competing in multiple categories, coached by Jenifer McDougall and Sonia Harris.  

Athletes competing in Great Falls included: Marty Wood, 200-meter walk, 100-meter walk, Doubles Bocce with Hans Eklund; Major Harris, 50-meter run, 100-meter walk, Doubles Bocce with William McDougall; Hans Eklund, 200-meter walk, 100-meter walk, Doubles Bocce; William McDougall, 200-meter run, 100-meter run, Doubles Bocce; Shaylee Alford, 25-meter walk, 50-meter walk, Doubles Bocce with Jessica Tomsheck; Jessica Tomsheck, 25-meter walk, 50-meter walk, Doubles Bocce; Holly Ackley, 25-meter assisted walk, 50-meter assisted walk.

These dedicated athletes have been training for the games for the last eight months and are ready to compete against more than 1,000 athletes from across the state. With three days of competition and fun planned, the athletes will also have the opportunity to enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies and team celebrations such as the dance and carnival. 

An update on how the Shelby Life team fared against the competition and the medals won by the athletes will be included in a future edition of the Promoter.

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