Leslie Godleski, CoreCivic HR manager; left, Patti Warburton, warden secretary; SES principal Dustin Smith; Shelby Schools superintendent Elliott Crump; CoreCivic warden Patrick McTighe; Core Civic Assistant warden Catherine Nelson and CoreCivic Chief of Security James Long met on Friday morning at Shelby Elementary for a great cause, that of paying off past-due school lunch accounts. The staff at CoreCivic donated $550 to SES to help students and their families by catching up the delinquent accounts.

“We enjoy doing good things for our 

community. We want to help the kids be 

successful and this is one way we can help.”


The staff and administration at Core Civic enjoy giving back to the community however they can and have given many generous donations to different places and organizations over the years. The Heritage Center, the Youth Dynamics Angel Tree and most recently, Shelby Elementary School are among the luck recipients of Core Civic’s donations.

 On Friday, Feb. 7, Warden Patrick McTighe, Assistant Warden Catherine Nelson, Warden secretary Patti Warburton, Chief of Security James Long and Human Resource manager Leslie Godleski arrived at Shelby Elementary bearing a fantastic gift–$550–to be put towards clearing up student lunch accounts that are in the negative.

“We enjoy doing good things for our community,” said Warden McTighe. “We want to help the kids be successful and this is one way we can help.”

The money was collected through staff donations, with those who work in administrative positions donating $5 a week to wear jeans on Thursday.

“We get to wear jeans on Friday anyways,” smiled Warburton. “The security staff doesn’t get to wear jeans, but the administrative staff was able to wear jeans on Thursdays for a $5 donation.”

Thanks to the generosity of the staff at Core Civic the lunch deficit of several accounts will be eradicated, making life just a little less stress for some in the community. 

“We are so happy to have a community organization like CoreCivic that continually supports our students and community,” said Shelby Superintendent Elliott Crump. “Thank you for the lunch account donation.”

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