The City Council meeting on Sept. 3 opened with a public hearing on the Special Assessments and the budget for Fiscal Year 2020. Multiple Show Cause hearings were held as well.

No public comment was received on the budget, which the Council unanimously accepted. According to City Finance Officer Jade Goroski, there will be no significant increase to taxes with the 2020 budget. A complete copy of the budget is available to the public for review at City Hall.

In other matters the Council approved entering into a buy/sell agreement, in regards to the Williamson Building, for $230,000 with Silver Key, owned by Kyle Stewart. Stewart’s plans for the building are not known. 

When it came to the Show Cause hearings, the Council accepted the progress made by Dick Miller and will re-evaluate in the spring. 

The Council then accepted the progress made by Dennis Knickerbocker, agreed the City will help move the ceramic molds and the property will be re-evaluated come spring.

On Rena Peterson’s property, the Council agreed to remove the freezer, chest of drawers, scrap lumber and gas can and re-evaluate in the spring.

The Council agreed that Teddy Mierzwinski needed to address the rotting smell within 30 days and the City will review the property in the spring.

Kaden Haight was in attendance of the meeting to make an appearance request to visit with the Council about his Eagle Scout project involving Champions Park. The Council approved the project and a $400 contribution from the City to the project.

Building Inspector Rob Tasker spoke to the Council about Cactus Lane and possibly closing it. During discussion the Council was advised that Cactus Lane is part of the Lyon Subdivision and measures 40 feet by 120.14 feet. 

The Lyon Subdivision consists of 15 lots and includes Lyon Boulevard, Cactus Lane and Tipton Lane and seven of the lots are on the south side of Lyon Boulevard. There is also a sewer manhole at the intersection of Cactus Lane and Plum Street. The Council chose to keep the street open as closing it would result in leaving only one access to Lyon Boulevard and limit access for emergency vehicles, creating a dead end. The closing of Cactus Lane would also result in blocking the most efficient sewer route. It was decided that unless the City gets consent from all the property owners and the subdivision is vacated Cactus Lane will remain open.

The second reading of the Special Assessments, Resolution 1992, Resolution 1995, Resolution 1996, Resolution 1997 and Resolution 1998, were all unanimously approved by the Council.

The Council also approved Resolution No. 2003, fixing the tax levy FY 2020, with the total tax levy being 262.96 mills. This has been determined necessary for the operation of the city through June 30, 2020.

Resolution 2004 in regards to increasing the TBID (Tourism Business Improvement District) lodging fee from $1 to $2 was approved. This increase will allow the TBID to continue to support local programs and projects that positively impact overnight stays in Shelby.

Resolution No. 2006 regarding weed liens was approved, as was Resolution No. 2005, which requests the distribution of Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Program funds. A match of $3,575.05 will come from the City of Shelby’s Street Maintenance Fund 2500. These funds will be used to reconstruct the lower end of 12th Avenue North

They also approved Storm Water Change Order #6, contingent on a Treasure State Endowment Program grant extension.

The City Council met again Monday evening, Sept. 16. A review of the meeting will be found in the next edition of the Promoter. 

The Council will meet again on Monday, Oct. 7, starting at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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