After a scary week of being flown out to Seattle, being on a ventilator and heavily sedated little Jason Preuss is showing improvements and is off the ventilator and back on bi-pap. His mother, Gabby, shared that they hope to be returning home soon, possibly sometime next week, and thanks everyone for all their prayers, support and concern throughout their journey with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Little Jason Preuss, as of press time, is still in the Seattle Children’s Hospital but he is getting better! Jason was flown out to Seattle on Sunday, Feb. 21, due to his oxygen level being low and doctors at Benefis wanting him to receive the best care possible. A litany of things have happened since then. He was intubated, his G-tube was somehow removed during the flight out and doctors were unsure if he was suffering from a cold or if he had aspirated some of his feeding into his lung. 

Fast-forward a week later and things are looking much better. The G-tube is back in place, he’s been receiving antibiotics and steroids and the family is hoping he and mom, Gabby Preuss, return home sometime in the next week.

As of Monday morning the latest updates from mom stated, “The little ham is looking better every day, his secretions are still in full force though. He has one arm and foot back from IVs, so he’s happy. The intestine tube migrated to the stomach and he was tolerating feeds that way well, so they pulled the tube and are doing continuous feeding through his G-tube now. Overall, he’s doing well.”

While baby Jason continues to recover at Seattle Children’s Hospital with his mom by his side his dad, Glen, and four siblings have returned to Shelby to school and work. The emotional and financial strain continues but the family is very grateful for all the love, prayers, donations and support they continue to receive from folks near and far. 

Something as simple as dropping off a bucket of chicken for dinner helps ease the strain for Glen as he tries to maintain the household while Gabby and Jason are gone. If you would like to give Glen a hand with things at home you can reach him at (406) 450-1802, or get in touch with Gabby at (406) 450-1707. Gabby shared that texting is probably the easiest way to get in touch as Glen does work and at any given time she is busy with doctors and specialists in the hospital room.

A GoFundMe account has been set up, https://gf.me/u/y7x9xq, and is still actively taking donations or you can drop off or mail a check to their account at Bear Paw Credit Union, P.O. Box 906, Shelby, MT 59474.

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