SHS Ag Science department students and teacher, Thad White, are thrilled with the new equipment purchased thanks to a grant written by Casey Nickol that resulted in them being awarded $5,000. The money was used to purchase welding equipment and supplies to enhance Shelby’s already thriving welding program.

“I got word this summer that we received the $5,000 grant through the Grain for Good Monsanto/Bayer Agriscience grant program,” said Shelby Schools Ag/Shop teacher, Thad White. “Mr. Casey Nickol generously wrote the grant for us.”

The grant was used to purchase welding equipment and supplies to enhance Shelby’s already thriving welding program. When White talked to Mr. Nickol, he thought it was a great idea to apply for the funding. 

“He wanted to make sure that kids were getting the resources they need to pursue a trade,” said White. “He is a huge advocate of hands-on learning and is encouraging our students to think of trades as a viable option for a career.” 

With the grant funding White was able to purchase a new Miller 255 MIG/Arc combination welder, safety supplies, such as welding helmets, jackets, overalls and safety glasses, some consumable goods, such as welding rods and wire, and a new rod oven. 

“We currently have a dual credit welding class for my upperclassmen that gives students up to six college credits through the Flathead Valley Community College,” said White. “This equipment will give the students in this class a chance to use equipment currently being used in the field.” 

 “My junior high classes will also benefit from this purchase,” added White. “They begin their welding classes in seventh grade. By having nice and predictable equipment, it may encourage them to stay in the trade in the future.”

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