The staff at Leavitt Great West Group Insurance in Shelby has continually been a great supporter of many local activities and events to show their support for the people and community they serve.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new normal life in Toole County. Bret Romney, a consultant for Great West Insurance based in Montana City, was amazed at the kindness and generosity of local businesses here.

One act of kindness in particular caught his attention and he wanted the community to know about it. Travis Clark, Eve Jacobson and Holly Hovland of Leavitt Great West Group Insurance in partnership with Chubb Insurance Company and the Prairie Peddler recently showed their appreciation to Toole County’s hometown heroes on the front line of COVID-19.

Chubb Insurance purchased gift cards from Prairie Peddler, a mutual small business client of both Chubb Insurance and Leavitt Great West Group Insurance, and then the folks from Leavitt distributed them.

Numerous gift cards were given to Dr. Robert Clary’s office, as well as employees of Marias Healthcare, Marias Medical Center, the Toole County Health Department, the Heritage Center and the Toole County Ambulance crew.

A letter accompanied the card, stating:

It is with great thanks that Chubb, in partnership with Leavitt Great West and our mutual client, The Prairie Peddler, is honored to present gift cards to your organization in recognition of your valiant efforts to combat the virus. We are tremendously grateful for all that you are doing to keep safe the communities in which our customers live and work.

“Everything we do, especially in this time of COVID-19, has an impact on our community,” said Jacobson. “We want our actions to be a positive statement that others do care about what Shelby and Toole County has been dealing with.”

She shared the story of how the whole project came about. “Chubb Insurance, one of our carriers, was aware of our situation, through news media and calls with us. They called and asked if they could purchase gift cards for first responders in Toole County. We were glad to be able to be the go-between for this project, picking up the gift cards from the Prairie Peddler and delivering them to first responders. We are proud to be partnered with an insurance carrier that pays attention to events and wants to help the local community.”

Leavitt Group Insurance has continually been a great supporter of many local activities and events to show their support for the people and community they serve. This was just one more way they could show their appreciation and support to those battling the virus from the frontline.

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